New IRAP reports for Australian customers can be found in AWS Artifact now

Following our Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment in December 2019, we have been excited to announce that people have additional new IRAP documents available these days in AWS Artifact due to the recent IRAP assessment at the PROTECTED level that has been finished in June 2020. This consists of an IRAP compliance report for 33 additional services, plus 1 separate report for AWS Outposts. Also included are 3 top features of services which were already assessed in 2019: Amazon EventBridge for Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Transit Gateway for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), and AWS Lake Formation for AWS Glue. The IRAP documentation pack continues to supply the capability to plan, architect, and self-assess Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services relative to the Secure Cloud Strategy of the Australian government’s Digital Transformation Agency.

The set of new services includes Amazon Chime and Amazon AppStream 2.0, which are essential services for remote working scenarios.

With the excess 34 services in scope of the cycle, we’ve a complete of 92 services assessed at the PROTECTED level. For the entire set of those ongoing services, start to see the AWS Services in Scope page (choose the IRAP tab).

The services in scope of the assessment are:

This brings a raft of services and capabilities to your customers for workloads at the PROTECTED level across contact centers, development pipelines, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) services, media services, containers, storage, transfer and migration, networking, analytics, security, application integration, video conferencing, and Internet of Things (IoT), and in addition enables the capability to run AWS infrastructure and services on premises for a frequent hybrid experience using Outposts. All services in scope are for sale to at this point you in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region.

Because we value our customers&rsquo deeply; needs, we make an effort to bring more services in to the scope of the IRAP PROTECTED level, predicated on your requirements. Please get in touch with your AWS representatives to tell us what additional services you want to see in scope for coming IRAP assessments.

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Henry Xu

Henry can be an APAC Audit Program Manager in AWS Security Assurance, located in Canberra, Australia. He manages regional compliance programs, including IRAP assessments. With experience across technical and leadership roles in private and public sectors, he could be passionate about secure cloud adoption. Beyond AWS, Henry enjoys period with loved ones, and he was previously a specialist ballroom dancer.

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