New #CiscoChat: Approaches for Infrastructure as Program code Automation Across Your Hybrid Cloud

It is becoming more and more complex for this and DevOps groups to keep speed with expanding cloud footprints and diverse group of technologies they must manage regular. Tools such as for example infrastructure as program code (IaC) automation might help by decreasing or getting rid of inconsistent, error-prone provisioning procedures across multiple environments.

In this CiscoChat, the panel will discuss the outcome of the Cisco and HashiCorp collaboration to increase the advantages of IaC automation to on-premises and private/hybrid cloud environments . Program attendees will learn:

    1. What IaC automation will be and how it’s used to provision infrastructure and accelerate app growth in public areas clouds


    1. The problems and opportunities for applying IaC automation across on-premises data facilities and personal/hybrid clouds


    1. The different methods Cisco and HashiCorp will work to bridge the divide between IT Functions and DevOps



IaC automation through Intersight claims make it possible for intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration for infrastructure and apps in hybrid and on-premises environments. Please join us as of this CiscoChat on April 8th to understand ways to leverage these powerful features to accelerate your personal hybrid cloud journey.

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