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We’ve been fortunate to participate several great products and groups. Being among the most consequential will be Protected Firewall Threat Defense 7.0, today from the RSA Conference announced. We’ve improved throughput by around 30%-across allowed AVC, IPS, and VPN services-for nearly all Cisco Secure Firewalls. And the ones massive performance gains will be the start of the story simply.

      Today, we’re furthermore announcing a fresh way forwards:                     NetWORK safety          . It’s our vision for simplifying system, workload, and multicloud security, by:
    • Translating intent into motion Safety is too complicated. Complexity introduces boosts and misconfigurations risk. Imagine simplified protection, where you explain your high-level security goals in simple language, and receive automated suggestions to secure your systems then, clouds, and workloads.


    • Bringing back again visibility. Envision once more getting the visibility you liked whenever your environments were easier monitored. Visibility is vital, both when you’re inspecting visitors, and when you’re not really.


    • Going for a platform approach to safety. Picture your security tooling, and groups, integrated. We’re centered on key consumer outcomes, like fast remediation, coordinating NetOps, SecOps, and ITOps security actions firewall, and lower expenses.



Whenever we surveyed 500 security benefits nearly, from organizations with more than $250 million in income, 73% said they lacked actionable insight within their application conditions. We’ve responded, providing on our NetWORK eyesight. Just Cisco empowers NetOps protection to start out running at DevOps rate, by:

Translating Intent Into Activity 


    • Presenting r eal-period, unified, workload and system security . We enable integrated control with the workload and the system now. That’s manage across dynamic application conditions (East-West visitors) and ingress and egress factors (North-South traffic). Extensive awareness and visibility of changes in the application communications drive automated firewall policy recommendations.Unlike additional firewall providers, just Cisco has built-in microsegmentation and firewall capability. It’s our initial proof-stage for translating intent into actions. With the brand new integration, Secure Workload informs secure Firewall of recommended adjustments dynamically. Cisco provides comprehensive manage and visibility, irrespective of where your applications are operating.


    • Announcing the brand new Cisco Safe Firewall Cloud Indigenous. It’s purpose-built for Kubernetes conditions, developer-friendly, and probably the most elastic firewall all of us’ve built ever. Available 1st in AWS, Protected Cloud Indigenous leverages Kubernetes for orchestration, auto-scaling, auto-recovery, and real-period responsiveness to microservices modifications. Also, it scales together with your throughput requirements dynamically.


    • Presenting dynamic features with Threat Protection 7.0, enabling robust plans in conditions where fixed IP addresses don’t exist. For a long time, Cisco is a pioneer in tag-centered policies with this firewall support of Protection Group Tags (SGTs) along with other Cisco Identity Services Motor (ISE) attributes. Today, with the dynamic attribute connector, we furthermore leverage Azure, VMware, and AWS tags.



Bringing Back again Visibility 


    • The brand new Snort 3 IPS. With Threat Defense 7.0, Snort 3 can be acquired with Cisco Secure Firewall Administration Center now. The new human-readable guidelines simplify your IPS. Snort 3’s brand new architecture enables you to maintain performance while working more guidelines, improving your threat protection. Also, new HTTP/2 support expands Snort 3 visibility. And brand new automated principle migration streamlines upgrades for current firewall and devoted IPS users. Additionally, you’ll discover Snort 3 in Cisco Meraki SASE and MX Umbrella cloud shipped firewall, furthermore announced these days .


    • Plus, visibility when you’re not really decrypting. Unlike what competing firewall suppliers suggest, we realize it’s not reasonable that you’ll decrypt and examine every movement. Competing firewalls split your Layer 7 guidelines with encrypted TLS 1.3 traffic. On the other hand, our differentiated TLS Server Identification & Discovery feature allows you to maintain Level 7 plans on encrypted TLS 1.3 traffic. Threat Defense 7.0 requires this Cisco benefit with further encrypted visitors, supporting on-prem and cloud-based Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SAL), with advanced threat analytics on logs. SAL satisfies your compliance needs furthermore, with log aggregation across all Cisco Safe Firewalls.



Our System Method


    • Cisco SecureX can be an integrated entitlement with every Cisco Protected Firewall, and the integration just better got. Secure now contains the SecureX Ribbon in Firewall Management Middle Firewall, enabling the SecOps group to pivot immediately from an event observed in the firewall and the SecureX system that correlates threats over the Cisco Safe portfolio.



Furthermore, we have brand new Cisco Secure Remote Worker developments. On the market in the U.S., with worldwide roll-out to follow, Secure Managed Remote Accessibility will be relieves and Cisco-maintained your group of day-to-day remote accessibility support, to allow them to focus their period on your own organization’s most strategic duties. And, in order to in-home keep VPN management, Threat Defense 7.0 features improved VPN capabilitiesfor several remote access use situations, constructing upon our experience because the global remote access head.

It’s a fresh day for network safety. We hope you are delighted using what we’re doing to handle some of your many pressing firewall security problems. We’re grateful to every single customer which has provided invaluable suggestions and informed our eyesight and era. And, if you’ll pardon an individual note, my deepest because of our global group, across Engineering, Customer Encounter, Product, and Sales, for the excellence and courage in challenging times. Your craftsmanship will undoubtedly be apparent to your customers readily.

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