Looking Back: Veeam 2020 Technology Predictions

November 2019 in, Veeam published our 2020 Technologies Predictions. We highlighted five key technology developments that we thought will be impactful and points to consider in the year ahead. Overall, the predictions had been accurate fairly, pointing to increasing cloud adoption and improving cyber threats. Year allow’s revisit the 5 technology predictions from final.

1. Container adoption shall are more mainstream.

What Veeam released

  • “Kubernetes shall consolidate its status because the de facto container orchestration system.”
  • “The popularity of container adoption or ‘containerization’ is driven by a couple of things: speeds and ease.”

Looking back from the prediction

This seems accurate and what we experienced in the market. Containers, while not mainstream fully, have shifted beyond the nascent stage. Kubernetes certainly appears to have emerged because the industry’s major container management platform. The global pandemic without doubt slowed up some continuing companies and their plans, but general, the desire to have speed of application growth and simple data movement do appear to have been key motorists for using containers.

< h2>2. Data portability and mobility

What Veeam released

  • “Data must be fluid within the hybrid and multi-cloud scenery, and (Cloud Data Administration) CDM’s capacity to improve data flexibility and portability ‘s the reason it offers become an industry within and of itself.”
  • “Companies are constantly searching for new ways of making data a lot more portable of their organization.”

Looking back with the prediction

With some organizations going faster on the Digital Transformation efforts, and globally, the increase in massive work-from-home in 2020, the idea of data information and mobility portability do grow to be important. Decreasing the friction of information motion and facilitating cloud acceleration are usually among the advantages realized by Cloud Information Management. The eyesight of “your computer data, when it’s needed by you, where you will need it” is among the known reasons for Veeam’s significant company development in 2020.

< h2>3. Restore success and speed

What Veeam released

  • “Information availability Service Degree Agreements (SLAs) and anticipations will rise within the next 12 months.”
  • “Consequently, the emphasis of the recovery and backup process provides shifted towards the recovery stage.”

Looking back on the prediction

This prediction is hit and miss in its accuracy slightly. We do have proof from the Veeam Information Protection Record surveys that not merely are service ranges rising, but that a lot more applications have become mission critical, and the ongoing service degree expectation between high-concern and normal apps are shrinking, meaning non-critical workloads are not able to tolerate downtime still. We’ve seen more organizations which are thinking about the speed of usage of data during recovery. Nevertheless, sadly, our industry study data demonstrates for the last 2 yrs, the main driver for changing back-up services and products was backup reliability (achievement rates) of backups. Which means that back-up remains challenging for most companies, and the restore period expectations are decreasing aswell.

4. Software-defined everything

What Veeam released

  • “Businesses will continue steadily to choose the storage equipment and technologies which function best because of their organization.”
  • “Guide provisioning of IT infrastructure is usually fast-becoming an ordinary thing of days gone by. Infrastructure as Program code (IaC) will keep on its proliferation into popular consciousness.”
  • “With over three-quarters (77%) of organizations using software-as-a-service (SaaS), a software-defined method of data management is pertinent to almost all businesses now.”

Looking back in the prediction

This prediction seems correct mostly. The predominate deployment for backup options remains software program, versus integrated devices. Veeam keeps growing faster than any called vendor by multiple market analysts, and we hear from clients a software-defined approach is recommended. Nevertheless, the prediction that Infrastructure as Program code (IaC) can make great strides, might have been ambitious too. IaC is arguably getting hold still, however the SaaS uptake and resulting heavy fascination with software-defined solutions appears correct.

5. Replaceable backup solutions

What Veeam released

  • “In 2020, the trend towards replacement of backup technologies over augmentation shall gather pace.”
  • “Businesses shall prioritize simplicity, reliability and flexibility of these business continuity solutions.”
  • “Concerns over the capability of legacy suppliers to ensure data availability are generating businesses towards total substitute of backup and recuperation solutions instead of augmentation of additional back-up solutions which will be found in conjunction with the legacy device(s).”

Looking back from the prediction

This prediction feels to possess been correct largely. Factors one and three about back-up vendor alternative over augmentation appear validated. As stated above, Veeam grew marketplace reveal, and Veeam has noticed more organizations create complete modifications in backup providers. The desire has been around spot to consolidate backup suppliers long, and this appears to be continuing. By exactly the same rationale, it looks like simple, reliable and versatile backup solutions did generate a lot more interest. It is unfortunate a Veeam global industry survey implies that reliability, through backup success, is this type of high issue.


Making predictions is usually fun and interesting to accomplish always. It’s also exciting to revisit and notice if things proved as expected. year with some challenges and adjustments thrown at the info center 2020 has been certainly an extremely unexpected. Arguably, each one of the predictions are works happening still, but it’s excellent to observe how far the info protection industry, also it overall, year attended in the last.

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