Linking to vCenter or a vSphere Sponsor

The best way to connect

    Connect-VIServer [-Server] < String[]> [-Port ] [-Protocol ]
    [-Credential ] [-User ] [-Password ]
    [-Session ] [-NotDefault] [-SaveCredentials] [-AllLinked]
    [-Force] []
    Connect-VIServer -Menu []
C: PS> Connect-VIServer -Server vcenter01 -User admin -Password pass
              When you connect to a machine via Connect-ViServer you allocate
              assets on this server, and these resources stay opened until
              Disconnect-ViServer -Force is known as on this connection. Closing the
              PowerCLI process does not close the machine resources.
      ————–   EXAMPLE 1 ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer -Server 10. 23. 112. 235 -Protocol https -User admin
      -Password pass
      Connects to a vSphere server using the User and Security password parameters.
      ————–   EXAMPLE 2 ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer Machine -Credentials $myCredentialsObject -Port 1234
      Connects to a vSphere server using a credential object.
      ————–   Example 3 or more ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer “Server” -SessionId $sessionId
      Link by using a server session ID.
      Once you connect to a server, it can save you the session ID –
      $serverObject. SessionId, so that you can restore the present server
      connection instead of starting a new relationship.
    ————–   Example 4 ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer Server
    Connect by using integrated authentication. In this case, the credentials
    you are logged on to your machine must be just like those for the server
      ————–   Instance 5 ————–
C: PS> Connect-VIServer “Server” -User user -Password move -SaveCredentials
      Connect to a machine and save the credentials within the credential store.
      After the qualifications are stored, you can connect to the particular server without
      specifying all of them. To get a previously saved credential shop item, use the
      Get-VICredentialStoreItem cmdlet.
      ————– Example 6 ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer – Menu
      Connect to a machine by choosing the server deal with from a list of
      Previously linked servers.
      ————– Example seven ————–
      C: PS> Connect-VIServer “Server” -All Linked
      Connect to a vSphere machine which is a part of a federation vCenter
      Server. This will connect you to definitely all vSphere servers in the federation as
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