Leveraging Microsoft Intune to set up Veeam Agent for Mac

Where gets the right time gone? It had been in 2015 when Veeam jumped directly into enable endpoint
protection for Microsoft Home windows. In 2016, we extended agent support to add
Linux, and in 2020, provided application regularity for PostgreSQL and MySQL
via the Veeam Realtor for Linux . With the discharge of Veeam Backup &amp now;
Replication v11, Veeam enables defense for macOS with Veeam Real estate agent for Macintosh !

You might be wondering, “How do you get Veeam Broker for Mac pc installed
on all my Macintosh endpoints?” There are always a couple different methods:

  • User-initiated:
    • A consumer will initiate the set up with a native Mac

installation bundle (pkg)

used in deployments along with a small amount of macOS systems that want

  • Automated:
    • Leverage a Mobile Application Administration (MAM)remedy

Used in deployments typically
with a lot of MacOS system that want protection

One MAM solution that’s growing inside popularity is Microsoft Intune. It is a cloud-based services that delivers MAM capabilities for laptop computers, phones, computers and tablets, which includes Macs! And if you were wondering how exactly to leverage Microsoft Intune to automate installing Veeam Agent for Mac pc, you attended to the proper place!

This blog will undoubtedly be broken down in to the following sections:

  • Pre-requisites for an effective set up
  • Creation of a “Computer systems with pre-installed agents” protection


  • Prepare the Veeam Realtor for Macintosh installation
    deal for Intune
  • Set up Intune for bundle deployment
  • Validation Veeam Real estate agent for Mac pc offers been installed




The listing below contains pre-requisites for installing Veeam Agent for
Macintosh via Microsoft Intune:

  • Mac systems aresigned up for Intune
    • Consumer signed-in to Company
      Portal application about Mac


Creation of protection team

The initial step to installing Veeam Agent for Mac pc (which
pertains to both user-initiated and automated deployments) is to create a “Computers
with pre-installed agents” safety group.

Shape 1


Body 2

The “Computers with
pre-installed agents” kind of protection group inside V11 has many benefits
beyond Veeam Broker for Macintosh :

  • A Windows system will not need the admin$ talk about
  • A Linux system will not need SSH to be allowed
  • Makes use of certificates to connect/authenticate to the Veeamback-up server
Amount 3


After selecting the “Computer systems with pre-installed agents” protection
group type, you shall then get the option of where in fact the export will undoubtedly be saved
and which agent set up packages will be exported. In Figure 4, you shall
note that the export location means “C:Exported Config and Set up
Files” and the “Apple company Mac package with these devices profile” is selected.

Physique 4


The export will create the following files:

Number 5


Here’s a short description of every exported file:


The export has completed once, you’ll copy the files to a Mac where they will be prepared for Microsoft Intune deployment.

Prepare the Veeam Realtor for

Mac installation bundle for Intune

The first step to get ready Veeam Agent for Mac pc would be to download the “ Intune App Wrapping Tool for Macintosh ” from the official GitHub of the Microsoft Intune SDK team .

As soon as downloaded, perform the next:

  • Begin the Terminal App
  • Modification to the directory where IntuneAppUtil is situated
  • Run the next command to help make the device executable


     chmod +x IntuneAppUtil     
Shape 6

That IntuneAppUtil is executable right now, you will be
able to utilize it to “wrap” the Veeam Real estate agent for Mac installer (.pkg) into
an “intunemac” document. This is the kind of document that Microsoft Intune utilizes for
app deployment on macOS.

The syntax of the utility is fairly simple:

     IntuneAppUtil -c  -o      
Body 7

The command is work once, an “intunemac” file will be created which you
will use when making the MAM policy within Microsoft Intune:

Amount 8


Take note: Internal testing uncovered problems where Microsoft Intune had been struggling to deploy a bundle if the pkg and intunemac document contained spaces. To function around this, just rename the pkg never to include spaces in the real name before working the “IntuneAppUtil” utility.


Setup Intune for package


Now that we’ve the “intunemac” installer document created, we have to make our method to Microsoft’s EndPoint Manager and accessibility the “Apps” blade:

Physique 9


Once you are inside the “Apps” blade, select “macOS” and click “Increase”:

Number 10


For the App Type, select “Line-of-business” app:

Shape 11


For the “App Bundle File”, choose the “intunemac” file previously

Body 12


You can now input/update all software information:

Amount 13


Next, you shall define the assignments. This means it is possible to identify which
device type (required or even enrolled) and which customers/group could have access to Veeam
Broker for Mac .

Physique 14


You are prepared to review and create the application form in Microsoft now

Number 15


Validating Veeam Realtor for Macintosh has been set up


The application is established once, it will possibly automatically be installed
(required assignment) or open to enrolled devices to set up if they
choose. Is really a screen catch of the Microsoft Intune Business Portal below
application installed on a good enrolled Mac:

Shape 16


If the application isn’t installed, a button will be available to select
and “Install.” If the application form has been installed, the re-install option is
available (as observed in the screenshot).

Finally, in the event that you look in the Macs which were selected or assigned to
install Veeam Real estate agent for Mac pc , the “Veeam” folder will be present under
“Applications” with the next applications:

Body 17


Bottom line


As more agencies embrace the Apple system, you’re seeing business-critical information reside on macOS techniques. This could be through IT departments supplying Mac-based computers and notebooks as well as institutions embracing the Bring YOUR PERSONAL Device (BYOD) model. That is why it’s vital that you protect that information with Veeam Broker for Macintosh . Because the true amount of macOS devices in your company increases, you will have to ensure that there exists a scalable and simple solution to install Veeam Realtor for Mac pc , and this is usually where Microsoft Intune assists.

Once Veeam Real estate agent for Macintosh has been installed, the next phase will be to configure the agent for connecting to the Veeam backup server. To find out ways to configure Veeam Broker for Mac pc centrally, keep coming back tomorrow for component 2 in my own Veeam Realtor for Macintosh collection “Leveraging Microsoft Intune to configure Veeam Real estate agent for Mac.”

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