Jamf shift improves enterprise compliance and security for macOS


Enterprise device management firm Jamf has acquired new equipment from cmdSecurity made to help business-making use of Macs make the system even more secure also to protect compliance inside regulated industries.

It’s just one more clear transmission of the level to which the position of Apple’s platforms running a business has changed .

Securing the endpoints


Jamf has acquired various equipment and technical assets produced by cmdSecurity, an organization whose founder wrote the safety guidance for the usage of Macs by the government. The purchase includes the macOS compliance and security suite, cmdReporter, the developers which, Daniel Griggs and Eric Metzger, have joined Jamf also.

“We visit a continued need for protection and compliance within the business. This acquisition is only going to deepen Jamf’s growth of these capabilities,” said corporation CEO Dean Hager.

Life at the advantage


The security and compliance suite works such as a security movement camera detector that watches anything running on, communicating with, or authenticating right into a Mac. It’ll gather and stream macOS telemetry information to safety and incident-event management (or even other) logging equipment. It does thus while maintaining compliance and auditing IT protection requirements.

The info it gathers might help keep track of for intrusion recognition (potentially instantly) and will also be used to avoid usage of prohibited applications, stop information loss, and deal with additional security functions.

cmdReporter helps used endpoint telemetry information and automated macOS construction audits commonly, including CIS, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, and the DISA STIG.

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What’s interesting is that tool exceeds safety benchmark auditing requirements actually, including people with been difficult to meet with indigenous macOS. To do this, it can make no usage of kernel extensions (kexts) and contains been created from the ground around make light needs on the processor chip, with peak using just 8% CPU.


Compliance in the remote control enterprise


The compliance aspect is valuable as Apple’s platforms continue steadily to penetrate new enterprise marketplaces particularly, including regulated industries. Users in healthcare, federal government, energy, and education requirement Mac security solutions that may keep techniques in compliance also; the tool can help Jamf continue steadily to build existence as Macintosh deployments in those industrial sectors continue to increase.

Remote working in addition has surfaced the challenges of endpoint security protection across each enterprise , which certainly is apparently section of what has driven Jamf to create this acquisition.

Josh Stein, senior director of security item strategy, said:


“Compliance and auditing specifications exist to make sure that a baseline of protection guidelines are in spot to safeguard against the many cybersecurity risks which have the potential to result in damaged reputations and financial losses.”

As it sometimes appears by me, this helps make it an important component for the type of intelligent endpoint safety monitoring equipment for Macs that Jamf currently provides, such as for example Jamf Protect and Jamf Pro.

The addition of the tool shall expand the security supplied by these solutions, and can give Macs more clout in those regulated industries that could prefer to adopt them but have to stay in tune with compliance regulation.

To bravely move where no Mac pc has already been before


The acquisition also brings the Apple-in-the-enterprise company a far greater opportunity to use what looks like an accumulation of interesting clients. The cmdsec website claims organizations utilizing cmdReporter include NASA already, the united states Trademark and Patent Workplace, the US Section of Agriculture, JPL, NOAA, and Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

The tool will more than likely also be of interest across additional sectors , including  banking customers that are furthermore migrating to the Macintosh .

More descriptive information concerning the way the Jamf acquisition might help companies match auditing and accountability specifications is accessible here .

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