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If you’re ever confused regarding which optics use which systems along with other optics, have a look at Cisco Optics online equipment. You’re not by yourself, and it’s not your fault certainly. Pluggable optics nomenclature and compatibility are complicated, which explains why we developed these online tools to help with making your life easier.

Written with Peter Wong, Product Supervisor, Cisco Optics.

You can find two Cisco Optics online tools available currently, with more on the true way. The initial one we released may be the Optics-to-Gadget Compatibility Matrix, which lets you know which Cisco Optics products are completely qualified and supported which Cisco networking items such as for example switches, routers, and servers. The next one may be the Optics-to-Optics Interoperability Matrix. When given a particular Cisco Optics product, you’re told because of it which other Cisco Optics items or optical specifications are optically interoperable with it. In other words, you are told because of it which pluggable transceivers it could speak to through the dietary fiber cable.

Both Compatibility Matrix and Interoperability Matrix provide user an interactive encounter by giving specific search or even query options, along with dynamic output filters. They offer additional information such as for example technical specifications and breakout requirements also. Together, both online tools permit the user with an end-to-end view, whether it’s for deployment or preparing.

The genesis of an individual interactive online tools began with the Compatibility Matrix. The prior reference was a couple of static tables in webpages. These were sufficient when there weren’t that lots of products within the portfolio. But on the full many years the tables extended as Cisco launched new product families, for both networking items and pluggable optics. In parallel, with the launch of product households such as for example QSFP100, we begun to notice breakout interoperability with various other item families, and a proliferation of 100G PMD (Physical Medium Dependency) criteria in the industry. The final final result was that the static tables were so big they were unreadable.

The Compatibility Matrix lets you know which optics use which systems, as the Interoperability Matrix lets you know which optics can talk to one another optically through dietary fiber cables.

Since its introduction 2 yrs ago, the Compatibility Matrix has averaged over 1000 page sights daily. The Interoperability Matrix has been receiving around 100 page views everyday since its launch within August 2020. Keep tuned in for a lot more Cisco Optics online equipment!

For a movie introduction of the Cisco Optics Compatibility Matrix, please click here.
For a movie introduction of the Cisco Optics Interoperability Matrix, please click here.

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