Introducing the Cisco Protected Network Analytics Data Shop!

Security professionals are facing a big information conundrum

If you work inside it networking or protection, you’re all too acquainted with how difficult it could be to effectively manage and analyze big volumes of network information. If that’s the case, you aren’t alone – a lot of organizations face significant problems with regards to efficiently managing the selection and storage of these network and security occasion telemetry in an effective and scalable way and applying security-concentrated analytics at level to detect even more threats. Unfortunately, as systems continue to develop in both dimension and complexity this issue will only continue steadily to worsen as time passes. At its core, it is a big information problem. Put simply, the development of today’s systems has led us right into a brand-new paradigm and the system analytics tools of days gone by were never created to deal with the explosion of system data that exists nowadays. This issue especially pronounced for huge enterprises and providers with massive system footprints and exceptionally higher flow per 2nd volumes, because they are faced with challenges linked to ingestion bandwidth now, query performance, long-term information retention, and information resiliency.

Listed are a few of the most typical network telemetry selection below, storage, and analysis issues that organizations are dealing with today:

  • Ingestion Issues: Organizations with big or expanding system footprints face scalability issues and increased expenses because they must continuously buy additional sensors to take care of continuously developing ingest volumes.
  • Query Efficiency Challenges: For huge enterprises, the duty of jogging queries on large information models is incredibly computationally expensive and will take upwards of a day – this results in operational inefficiencies by hindering the opportunity to detect threats within massive information sets regularly, slowing remediation efforts plus draining finite computational bandwidth successfully.
  • Data Retention Difficulties: Many organizations cannot retain the quantity of system telemetry that they have to fulfill compliance needs, forcing them to either buy expensive third-party storage options or release room within their proprietary databases in order to avoid legal dangers as long as they be audited.
  • Information Resiliency Challenges: Companies that lack sufficient back-up storage capacity are in threat of losing valuable information if among their critical backup information storage techniques fails.

For most large organizations, the challenges in the above list have impeded their capability to perform routine network information threat and management recognition efforts. These organizations require a solution that may provide scalable system telemetry storage and selection, responsive query times highly, and reliable information resiliency as core abilities.

Introducing the info Store

The Secure System Analytics Data Shop has been made up of large enterprises and providers at heart and was specifically made to solve the initial network telemetry administration challenges outlined above via an improved data source architecture design make it possible for new means of managing data better.

How it works

The Data Shop, introduced in version 7.3.0, sits between your Secure Network Analytics Movement and Manager Collectors. Flow Collectors ingest, de-duplicate and together system flow data stitch, send it to the info Store cluster then. Flow data is after that distributed across a resilient data source cluster that is comprised of at the least three Data Node devices. This new data source architecture offers scalable storage space, increased flow price ingestion capacity, enhanced resiliency versus the original higher-efficiency and model queries.

The illustration above depicts the architecture and the different parts of a Secure Network Analytic deployment with a Data Store. To the present Secure System Analytics deployment model likewise, Flow Collectors ingest and procedure enterprise telemetry such as for example NetFlow still. However, unlike the original model, the processed telemetry isn’t stored on each Stream Collector locally. Instead telemetry is stored and written across each Information Node within the info Store. This new design permits ingest and data storage space features to be performed individually in one another enable the next benefits:

  1. Increased ingest capacity: Data Stores could be combined to produce a single cluster that’s with the capacity of monitoring over 3 million flows per minute to ease ingestion bandwidth restrictions for agencies with high stream volumes.
  2. Storage scalability: THE INFO Store offers institutions with growing systems enhanced flexibility around information storage space scalability through the capability to add additional data source clusters.
  3. Long-phrase data retention: Scalable and long-expression telemetry storage space capabilities enable long-term circulation retention as high as 1-2 years’ worthy of of data without the need to add extra Flow Collectors.
  4. Enterprise-class information resiliency: Telemetry data is definitely stored redundantly across nodes to permit for seamless information availability during individual node failures assisting to ensure against lack of telemetry data.
  5. Query and reporting reaction times improved by way of a significant magnitude: THE INFO Store provides drastically enhanced query performance and reporting reaction times of at the very least 10x faster than those provided by additional deployment models.

And the aforementioned list is still not exhaustive – the info Store also offers additional follow-on benefits. Consider the info Store’s long-term storage features for example – with 1-2 yrs’ worth of data close at hand this capability not merely allows you to perform investigations on bigger data sets, but additionally make it simpler to fulfill regulatory and compliance specifications in the event you get audited. Furthermore, it reduces both expenses and complexity through the elimination of the necessity to purchase costly and non-incorporated third-party storage space solutions for information retention purposes.

The Data Shop transforms weaknesses to strengths by flipping the
big data issues that burden numerous organizations on the heads

In summary, contemporary networks stick to track to keep expanding in both sizing and complexity without final result in sight. For this reason, it hasn’t been more essential that safety practitioners adopt tools with the capacity of scaling to the difficulties of growing network conditions. The Data Shop stands in a course of its own because the only solution out there that has been specifically built, not merely to enable practitioners to control effectively, analyze, and maintain endlessly improving volumes of system data today’s, but that’s also capable of permitting them to leverage this data with their advantage.

Next steps

Have a look at the Secure Network Analytics Data Store Solution Overview, or contact your neighborhood Cisco Accounts Representative for more information.

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