Introducing Device Insights regarding Cisco SecureX

Cisco SecureX: Year 2

It’s hard to trust it’s been nearly per year since we announced the Cisco SecureX platform from RSA 2020! We lay out with the target to streamline our clients’ operations with an increase of visibility across their protection portfolio, provide out-of-the-container integrations, powerful safety analytics, and automated workflows to acceleration threat response and recognition.

Year and much more than 6 nearly a,500 customers later, we’ve continued to include capabilities and create bridges between differing of your protection environment (Cisco and over and above) to provide the outcomes you should succeed for years ahead.​

12 months at Cisco Live previously this, we announced two fresh features for the system. SecureX Orchestration enables you to react to threats with machine-like swiftness via reaction workflows which decrease the amount of human hours allocated to investigation, response, risk hunting, plus much more. We announced our real turnkey configuration for third party solutions also, in a continued hard work to offer you unified presence across all of your security control factors, rendering it easier than for connecting additional solutions to assist in your SecOps ever, ITOps and netops outcomes.

Today, excited to announce the most recent feature arriving at SecureX we’re, device insights!

In depth insight into all disparate resources in one place

Continuing with this goal of providing the customers with an increase of management and visibility choices, device insights is made to consolidate, find out, normalize, and use your device stock within SecureX. Gadget insights unifies multiple gadget managers, endpoint response and detection, AV, along with other endpoint security items and then brings the facts those tools and options provide right into a unified watch within SecureX.

Gadget insights enables your company to:

    • Identify gaps in charge coverage, build custom plans, and explore possibilities for playbook powered automation
    • Enrich, simplify, and automate safety investigations with a holistic see of device data improved with context
    • Make use of for contextual recognition to recognize and isolate endpoints ensnared in cyber-episodes

resolve common network construction problems for customers

  • Proactively, leading to fewer help table tickets

Device insights gives your company comprehensive endpoint stock within SecureX also. You can keep an eye on gadget inventory counts and better understand the changing and expanding nature of one’s network. Furthermore, Endpoint reporting and searching enables you to assess device security position on employee-owned, contractor-possessed, and IoT/OT devices-without risking company disruption. Cease threats before troubles occur!

With device insights, you’ll have the ability to answer these all-important questions:

    • What  forms of gadgets are linked to our network?
    • What  customers  have already been accessing those products?
    • Where are usually those devices situated ?
    • What  vulnerabilities  are usually associated with those gadgets?
    • Which  protection agents  are usually installed?
    • Will be our security software program  updated ?
    • What context do we’ve from technology beyond the endpoint ?

Year there’s a lot more to check forward to inside SecureX’s second! We’re hard at the job building another bridges to supply our clients with a simplified safety knowledge and we can’t wait around to talk about them with you. For the time being, if you’d prefer to learn even more about a few of our other functions, be sure to browse the links below.

To stay up-to-date on what’s taking place with SecureX, june 3 tune into our following Cisco Secure Insights Summit on. Make sure to conserve the time and sign up for us once we explore top market trends and technologies that defenders may use to safeguard their businesses from brand-new and emerging threats, which includes secure access service advantage (SASE), XDR, and the platform benefit of SecureX.


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