Industrial NetDevOps Enables Your commercial Network with Automation and Programmability

Industrial NetDevOps solves real-world problems

  • Breaking lower the barriers and creating a closer alignment between your IT plus OT departments
  • Increase network modification management, incident security and management
  • Lower OT expenditures and downtime while upping your network performance and agility

These essential and well-desired topics are just what Industrial NetDevOps is trying to resolve. And DevNet gets the equipment and learning assets to help you focus on that journey immediately:

What will be Industrial NetDevOps?

Industrial NetDevOps provides the lifestyle, tools, technical strategies and guidelines from DevOps to Industrial Systems.
Of using SNMP and CLI instead, you configure, manage and monitor industrial network gadgets via standardized network gadget software program and APIs automation equipment. Industrial NetDevOps workflows make use of Open Source, python and standards scripts alongside industrial devices and tools to provide fast-responsive and secure industrial systems. NetDevOps had been introduced by Hank Preston in 2017.

DevOps is a group of practices that combines software program development (Dev) also it operations (Ops). Much like DevOps, in the commercial space are industrial functions experts who understand and manage the equipment (OT/Dev), but need assistance from their IT co-workers to create OT-data meaningful, OT-devices obtainable and much better aligned with other company systems (IT/Ops).

The vision of Industrial NetDevOps is taking the entire benefit of both teams by working together: Developing a single way to obtain truth for network configurations (e.g. with Git), making small but properly tested adjustments to the system, deploy configuration modifications though APIs, make use of automation to save lots of costs and time, enable automated IT system services for operations specialists, get real-time health information of one’s network and OT products and many more.

What has transformed? Why move today?

Operations leaders notice that operational information they use to aid real-time decision producing could create extra value for the business. The eyesight of a linked factory is real, the transformation now could be happening right. Therefore, the industrial system must be as responsive, agile and secure since it has been ever.

Cisco realized this motion and is top it: The industrial change series IE3x00, the embedded change ESS3300 and the industrial router IR1101 are running IOS XE (identical to on the Catalyst 9000 Series) which enables model-driven programmability with open up APIs and data versions such as for example NETCONF/RESTCONF & YANG. Furthermore, the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller facilitates model-driven programmability alongside traditional APIs.

Moreover, the network controller and orchestration software program Cisco DNA Center supports a thorough REST-API and also the industrial security software program Cisco Cyber Eyesight. As you can plainly see, Cisco’s industrial software program and hardware is prepared for the transformation!

What will be the Use-Cases that you can start at this time?

To give you an improved understand of how powerful Industrial NetDevOps could be with this Cisco industrial solutions, are usually some use-cases that will allow you to get started here. However, there are several more!

  • Enable or disable remote control access with just one single REST-API Call: Simply by defying something as a python script that may execute pre-described NETCONF commands to generate, disable and enable ACLs upon specific industrial hardware, including the IE3400.

commercial_netdevops_production_ACLs IoT

  • Deploy your desired IOS construction for hundreds or even hundreds Cisco IE switches automatic with the program automation tool Ansible and just one single command. For instance, configure the IND bootstrap-, particular ISE-, PROFINET-, CIP-, PTP-configuration and so forth with one centralized device or software of yours even.
  • Get fully automatic and tailored reviews concerning the health of one’s network and This/OT devices through the REST APIs associated with Cisco Cyber Eyesight and Cisco Industrial Network Director. In exactly the same process-chain, analyze the record with other Cisco equipment: Verify each DNS query what provides been manufactured in your industrial system with the Cisco Umbrella Investigate API to notice if some requests had been malicious and emphasize the originators.
  • Enable ChatOps within your Industrial Environment: Operations professionals can simply change the network configuration and several additional application settings via basic texts on Cisco Webex Groups (see the illustration below with the IR1101). What adjustments the OT employee is permitted to make will undoubtedly be pre-described by the IT group.

webex-bot IoT

Find the documentation and full code of the use-cases in this learning lab 

How really does the Toolset of Industrial NetDevOps appear to be?

It depends on your own requirements and use-instances what skills are essential – you do not need to know all of them! Here is break down of which technology and tools can help you further make it possible for Industrial NetDevOps:

  • Programmability Basics: Knowing REST-APIs and Python (or even any programming language) will be the essentials for programmability which can only help you automating your jobs and will solve specific This/OT challenges.
  • Device Level: To be able to leverage the APIs on your industrial gadget (e.g. IE3400) for an individual configuration modify or getting gadget operational data, get started doing YANG and NETCONF/RESTCONF.

IoT industrial automation

  • Controller & Orchestrator Level: If you manage your commercial equipment with Cisco DNA Middle, Industrial System Director, Kinetic vManage or GMM, you can basically do this with the REST-APIs and automate your duties with Python for instance.
  • Configuration Management: If you need to alter the IOS construction on hundreds or a large number of devices, get started doing the software automation equipment Ansible, Puppet, Others or chef.

IoT industrial automation

  • Network Verification: In order to understand if your IOS construction on which of one’s IE3400s has changed within the last weeks or even months or desire to test thoroughly your IOS configuration, get started doing the Cisco framework pyATS definitely.
  • Protection: Especially within an industrial environment system security is very important. Alongside the industrial security software program Cisco Cyber Eyesight (REST-API able), Cisco Firepower & FirePower Threat Defense (REST-API able), the ruggedized Cisco Industrial Safety Appliance ISA3000, Cisco Stealthwatch (REST-API able) and Cisco Identity Providers Motor (pxGrid API) enable your system to speak to these security equipment and another way round.
  • Telemetry and Supervising: To visualize your collected information from your own industrial device (electronic.g. IR1101 in the picture below), get started doing streaming telemetry and the TIG-stack (Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana), ELK-stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) or any favored databases and dashboards.

IoT ir1101-telemetry

Where must i deploy the Industrial NetDevOps equipment?

Since usual, this depends upon your architecture, gadgets, and industry. Nevertheless, if we consider the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) Architecture, it seems sensible to add these tools within the Industrial Area as observed in the image below.

commercial_netdevops IoT


Begin your Industrial NetDevOps Journey!

Day you won’t change all of your network in one, but you may take pick today:

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