IDC White Paper displays ROI of 462% for Cisco SD-Access and Assurance

We are very happy to announce the publication of a fresh IDC white document, sponsored by Cisco, that examines the continuing company value realized by clients who’ve adopted Cisco’s Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) and Assurance solutions. The scholarly research showed some spectacular results, such as the average projected five-year profits on return (ROI) of 462%.

Cisco DNA cisco and Assurance SD-Accessibility are two major the different parts of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture, and so are implemented utilizing the Cisco DNA Center management platform. Jointly, these enable companies to apply company intent to the system, generating unprecedented degrees of control and visibility over the entire enterprise network.

Real customers expressing real experiences

For anybody who has been skeptical about our claims concerning the great things about SD-Access and Assurance, this review should help sway your viewpoint.  There are several firsthand accounts from customers that are using these solutions within their networks, much less demos or proof concepts just, but to perform their IT operations really. Individuals in the scholarly research represented a variety of business dimensions and industry verticals, making it a lot more impressive that the outcomes were so positive over the board.

Cisco DNA provides genuine benefits

Based on the IDC authors, clients initially considered Assurance and SD-Gain access to to create managing complex operations simpler, plan anticipated growth, and be more proactive within their approach to network administration. What they discovered had been that as system management gets easier and performance boosts, employees productivity increases and better innovation company-wide becomes achievable.

Some highlights of the outcomes

  • Average annual great things about $3.18 million on a per organization basis
  • 462% five-year ROI
  • 9-month payback period
  • 49% better network management staff
  • 35% better network security teams
  • 86% decrease in unplanned downtime

An integral reason that the measured ROI was so high is that enough time financial savings is compounded across every area of network administration and reaches non-IT personnel aswell. Customers reported an array of positive advantages. With Cisco SD-Access, safety is both far better and simpler to deploy and keep maintaining. With Cisco Assurance, services issues are better to track and so are detected earlier down. These improvements result in reduced downtime and enhanced application performance.

Overall Network Staff Hrs per 100 Network Gadgets
Source: IDC 2020

Cisco DNA solves true problems

Legacy network processes are inefficient , nor scale to the amount of customers and devices now used today. As the level of the network boosts, the friction inherent in guide procedures for onboarding and handling connectivity result in a cascade of problems such as:

  • Much less than optimum expertise for network customers.
  • Plan enforcement becomes a lot more inefficient and complex.
  • Holes start in security plans.
  • Network operators don’t have visibility into what’s happening in the system at any given second.
  • Problems remember to identify and solve, making customers frustrated and slowing efficiency over the ongoing company.

We believe this survey assists prove that Assurance and SD-Access aren’ t shiny new playthings just. These solve real difficulties experienced by most system operators. With one of these solutions, it is possible to solve problems proactively. It is possible to match policy to an individual, not the machine. It is possible to automate routine duties and roll out adjustments more quickly, making your networking and your company more able plus agile to react to changing conditions.

Here is a cement example that certain of the clients in the analysis shared about their encounter with SD-Gain access to that illustrates this aspect about time savings:

A big thing for all of us may be the rapid deployment or moving of various segmented networking groupings. For example, right in the center of among our projects we’d among the labs moved. In regards to a month ahead of SD-Access nonetheless it took 4 hours rather than what could have been.

Discover what Cisco IBN options can perform for you

It is a taste of that which was found by the IDC authors just. I highly encourage anyone who’s curious about these answers to browse the IDC White Papers and learn a lot more about how exactly IT teams found period and cost benefits in additional ways.

Cisco is a big proponent of intent-based networking like a remedy to these problems. With intent-based networking, technologies makes it simpler to align the system with the requirements of the continuing company. Cisco’s Software-Defined Assurance and Entry are cornerstones inside how that is made possible. Nevertheless, you don’t need to take our phrase for this – read the are accountable to find out even more for yourself.

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