Human Rights & Technologies: How Cisco functions to regard & uphold human rights

These days, December 10, marks International Human Rights Day – the anniversary of the UN Common Assembly’s 1948 adoption of the US Declaration of Human Legal rights (UDHR), aiming fundamental human rights that must definitely be protected universally.

Since a provider of the infrastructure that links much of the planet, Cisco bears obligation to make sure we have been designing our items to improve the ability of all people to benefit from the rights reflected within the UN Declaration. Respecting human rights isn’t only the right move to make, it’s also best for our business. We are conference this responsibility in a manner that reflects the worldwide nature of our company, the complexity of our provide selling and chain applications, and the rapid character of advancement throughout our sections.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco’s technology has played a crucial role for businesses because they rely increasingly on remote control workers. In days gone by year, we’ve furthermore seen our modern society grow in knowing of systemic injustice and inequality. We’ve allowed connections between people and important services such as for example healthcare and education. We’ve seen more customers adopt our collaboration equipment for connecting with friends and family members virtually to keep their communities safe and much more inclusive. All the while, we’ve proved helpful to honor our individual rights commitments to safeguard the employees who build our items in the supply chain.

Cisco’s broad technology suite means a variety of human rights touchpoints

Within response to these challenges so when section of our ongoing hard work to recognize, prevent, mitigate, and deal with human rights, in the final year our Company and Human Rights group has been dealing with teams across the company to integrate a human being rights viewpoint across Cisco’s operations. For example, the group examined three of our sections – Collaboration, Security, and IOT – to measure the human legal rights benefits connected with these technology and make certain any collateral human legal rights impacts are identified and consciously addressed. Thelectronic exercise included testimonials of item pipelines, interviews with Cisco leaders, discussions with exterior experts running a business and human legal rights, and consultations with affected stakeholders or their legitimate representatives potentially.

Here’s what we learned:

Within general, Cisco’s technologies is made to advance human legal rights. Actually, Cisco’s networking, safety, collaboration, and cloud solutions help protect and safe the lifeblood of the worldwide economy. This has in no way already been truer than in 2020.

Where there are potentially deleterious individual rights impacts connected with our offers, they stem primarily from applications of make use of by governments. This presents challenging for Cisco because once our technologies comes, our control and leverage over its make use of is dramatically reduced. Nevertheless, we wish to accomplish what we can to mitigate this danger and we intend to employ a variety of strategies including:

  • Conducting overview of Cisco’s item design requirements and assistance to ensure human being rights and fairness concepts are built-in from the beginning.
  • Establishing a homework process to make sure that we comply fully with laws and regulations and sanctions made to deny usage of our items by those that violate human rights.
  • Working carefully with our Individual Rights Advisory Committee, a cross-functional band of senior workers that advises us on challenging individual rights issues that require to be considered from multiple angles.

Nowadays, we published an updated Global Human Rights Plan to reflect what we’ve learned through this workout. Notably, as we make improvement on our company purpose to power an inclusive future for all, we’ve put into our set of salient human privileges issues the proper to equal security against discrimination. So when we adjust to lifestyle in a pandemic, we’ve added the concentrate on safety and medical issues as well.

We am pleased with the work Cisco does to embed focus on human privileges across our business, also to help our clients meet their objectives inside light of ever-increasing problems.

For more info on our function to handle human rights issues, visit our ESG Hub and read our CSR Impact Record. 

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