How to Move a Mysql, Replication Construction, and Veeam Backup andamp Database

The product created and stored its configuration database using SQL Server prior to Veeam Backup & amp, Replication v11. Although it has always been possible to store a Veeam Backup & amp, Replication using SQL Server Express, this version of the program had some significant drawbacks. The most significant limits of SQL Server Express’ 2022 edition were:

  • use of four components or one outlet
  • usage of just 1.4GB per occasion
  • 10GB storage capacity for data

These restrictions might not apply in a setting with 500 systems or fewer, but if your storage environment is large, you may need to switch to one of the paid SQL Server versions to get around them. By clicking this link, you can view the restrictions for each SQL Server 2022 type. Veeam made it possible to use PostgreSQL as a construction databases for V12 while keeping scalability, performance, and licensing costs in mind. Numerous programs have been using PostgreSQL, a relational database management system, for more than 35 years. PostgreSQL has been shown to be reliable and efficient, and it also has open-source password, so it can be used without incurring registration fees. As a design databases, V12 allows you to employ both SQL Server and PostgreSQL; in V11, you can only do so. The layout will continue to use SQL Server by definition if you’re upgrading from V11 to V12. You need to relocate your configuration database in order to utilize PostgreSQL. I’ll go over the steps you must take to complete this movement in this article, including installing PostgreSQL, setting up a design copy, and migrating your collection.

Limits and Things to Think About

It’s crucial to discuss a few crucial factors before we get started:

  • To prevent problems, it is advised that you only migrate your database using the procedure listed above.
  • Before migrating to PostgreSQL, you may improve to V12.

Assembly of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is supported by Veeam starting at variant 14 and higher. The software for type 15. 1 can be found in the installation ISO’s” Redistrx64PostgreSQL15. 1″ path. This begin the PostgreSQL setup.

Select the location where you want the software to be installed.

Choose the parts you’ll place. Select PostgreSQL Server, pgAdmin, and Command Line Tools at the very least.

Choose the location for the storage of your data.

For the PostgreSQL executive person, create a word.

For the PostgreSQL services, choose the port you want to apply.

Select the definition location for your data.

Check to make sure all options are right before beginning the assembly.

Empty pgAdmin once the installation is complete.

In this instance, I’ll set up a local PostgreSQL person by the name of” veeam” with Superuser permissions so that it can make the database and carry out all necessary migration-related tasks.

Making a Replication Configuration Backup and Veeam Backup & amp

Let’s make a copy and configuration for the present Veeam database then that PostgreSQL is installed and configured. Start the copy of the construction:

To create a new storage, click” Backup Today.” It’s crucial that you enable design copy encryption so that users passwords for the Veeam infrastructure can be exported as well. Then, during the migration, you will need to enter every user password.

Verify that the copy is accessible in the store at the conclusion of the process.

PostgreSQL migration of the Configuration Database

We will then move the database to PostgreSQL.
To make sure that everything will carry out this process, turn off all copy jobs.
Start the” Configuration Restore” software after shutting down the system.

Choose the” Migrate” choice.

Pick the earlier-created construction backup file.

Verify the information of the copy.

Enter the design backup file’s encryption password.

Enter the server name( or localhost ) and the port that PostgreSQL is using by selecting the” Database engine” option. To join to PostgreSQL, provide the consumer and password after specifying the database name.

You will be informed that the collection is being created and that it does not yet exist.

Select whether you want to restore the program past, Replication catalog, and Veeam Backup & amp.
For System Center VMM, we may even allow the opportunity to involve a PowerShell Execution Policy.

You will be informed when companies are restarted.

Keep an eye on the restoration process and waited for it to be complete.

Customer passwords were likewise imported because the construction backup document was encrypted.
They can be edited if needed.

We can start the device once more once this is finished.

The Veeam Backup & amp, Replication database has been created and is currently in use, as can be seen in PgAdmin.

Last but not least, it is advised that you use PowerShell’s” Set – VBRPSQLDatabaseServerLimits” order to change the hardware configuration of PostgreSQl in order to adhere to Veeam best practices. Start PowerShell, then run the command.

For the fresh options to take effect, restart the PostgreSQL services.

It is safe to completely remove SQL Server Express from the Windows Server if it is only being used for Veeam Backup & amp, Replication, now that we have moved the database to PostgreSQL. We have now finished migrating your design database.
You can find the procedures we used in this essay in our consumer link.

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