Honoring our ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’

                Congratulations to security advocate Wouter Hindriks of Avit Team!                    

Year . 5 cybersecurity defenders experienced a supplementary challenging job to accomplish over the past. While critical, securing our digital world could be a thankless and exhausting endeavor occasionally, under these unprecedented circumstances especially. One tried-and-true solution to get through challenging situations, however, will be by linking with others.

Posting security insights through ‘The Cisco Gateway’

The Cisco Gateway is really a peer networking neighborhood developed in the past for Cisco customers around the world. Presently, over 14,000 customers are employing it to talk about technology insights, feedback, and guidelines, and create meaningful connections with others in the market also.

Feeling part of a residential area and helping lately others is becoming especially crucial, in beyond and cybersecurity. The Cisco Gateway offers a safe, virtual atmosphere to make those connections, nonetheless it wouldn’t work minus the a large number of customers who take part in the community every day. For this reason, we have been acknowledging those valuable contributors through our Cisco Worldwide Advocate Awards 2021 .

Honoring customers and partners with the ‘Cisco Worldwide Advocate Awards’

Cisco customers and partners who beyond exceed and, harnessing innovation and sharing their technology experience, were nominated across 10 categories for the award, like the ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’ category. Members of the Cisco Gateway had been encouraged to nominate themselves along with other members because of this cybersecurity award, and finalists were then selected and evaluated by way of a panel of experts from both outside and inside Cisco.

The Cybersecurity Defender of the entire year award recognizes the Cisco customer who undertook probably the most innovative security project and inspired others through passionate cybersecurity advocacy. There have been seven Cisco security customers shortlisted because of this award, nowadays during our virtual awards ceremony and the winner had been announced.

Celebrating the ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’

Taking house this year’s award will be Wouter Hindriks , security business lead at Avit Team in holland. He has been nominated by other Cisco Gateway members because of his contributions to the city. Hindriks has over twenty years of experience in the technology market, and contains been a known person in the Cisco Gateway since 2017. He could be a prolific communicator, imparting cybersecurity advice and helping peers realize and embrace Cisco’s security technology.

In his previous function at an IT services company, Hindriks was instrumental in adopting a holistic approach to combating ransomware along with other cybersecurity threats by implementing Cisco SecureX . We have been thrilled to celebrate Hindriks for his substantial efforts to make the cyber realm a safer location.

Recognizing cybersecurity award finalists

Our additional six finalists for ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’ also have demonstrated an impactful commitment to security excellence and thought leadership. They’re:  

                Blair Anderson                               - Technology Director,           Shawnee Heights Unified College District 450               
               Shawnee Heights           deployed Cisco security solutions           on Apple iOS to get manage and visibility into Internet traffic because of its fleet of 4,300 iPads. Now, staff and students have secure usage of online school articles from anywhere.

                Enric Cuixeres Saez                               - Mind of IT,           Leng-d’Or               
               The mission of food production company Leng-d’Or would be to create healthful snacks with reduced environmental impact. When cyberattacks begun to influence the security and productivity of its day-to-day operations, the company           considered Cisco           to obtain back on track.

                Roberto Alunda                               - Security and Telecom Engineering Global Director,           Mediapro               
               Mediapro is really a leading organization within the European audio visual field. The business           followed Cisco SecureX           to integrate and unify its different security solutions, resulting in a 90 percent decrease in the right time had a need to detect threats.

                Joel Marquez                               -                     IT Director,           Tamimi Markets               
               Tamimi Markets is among the fastest-growing supermarket chains within Saudi Arabia. To maintain with that growth, it offers           implemented protected access service edge (SASE) architecture           from Cisco for enhanced network efficiency, security, and visibility.

                Bahruz Ibrahimov                               -                     Senior Details Security Engineer,           AzEduNet               
               Because the largest educational network within the Republic of Azerbaijan, AzEduNet offers connectivity and on-line services to the national academic, research, and educational industry. With Cisco Secure, it provides           decreased security incidents by 80 %           for 1.5 million students.

                Ryan Deppe                               -                     Network Operations Manager,           Cianbro Corporation               
               A large-scale construction company, Cianbro Corporation           utilizes Cisco Umbrella           to safeguard its atmosphere from Internet-centered threats. As a total result, it has noticed a 50 percent reduction in the quantity of malware activity on its network.

Congratulations to Wouter Hindriks and our inspiring cybersecurity award finalists. Their dedication to helping fellow security professionals in this challenging time is actually impressive uniquely. We thank them and all of the members of the Cisco Gateway who take time to reach out and reveal their tech knowledge. This kind of collaboration is strictly what we have to protect the global world from today’s ever-evolving barrage of cyberthreats.

Need to get included?

More info on the awards are available upon the Cisco Worldwide Advocate Awards page. If you’re a Cisco customer who want to become more involved with our community, join The Cisco Gateway to begin with collaborating and attaining valuable insights from Cisco as well as your peers.

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