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Hey – you. Yes, you. The gorgeous hominid having an Android phone within your britches there. Imagine if I were to inform you that that cell phone, all day the same one you take with you and cradle such as a baby, had a second home screen you could access anywhere from, no matter what you’re doing on these devices? That with an individual swipe, you could draw up supercharged shortcuts for from your preferred apps to time-saving equipment and even one-tap usage of advanced system functions?

Now imagine if I were to inform you that power-filled personal efficiency panel is in fact your Android phone’s Fast Settings section – that exact same set of ho-hum control keys you see and possibly look past each time you peek at your notifications? And that you had to accomplish was take ten minutes to change it and unleash its internal beast?

Well, m’dear, We am letting you know all those things. And they are all real as a turkey will be tactless. (Believe me: Those birds possess very small tact.)

All poultry references apart, Android’s Fast Settings panel truly has the possible to become among your phone’s the majority of practical and powerful functions, but many Android-carrying mammals neglect to ever view it for what it really is: an all-purpose order center that may expand your phone’s features and cause you to meaningfully more efficient.

Today, it’s time and energy to utilize that power and sign up for the golf club of enlightened productivity advantages.

Satisfy your personal Android efficiency panel


First things first, i want to ask you a question: What forms of things can you do several times a day on your own Android device?

If you’re like the majority of people I know, the solution probably includes actions like starting particular apps, checking in on your own calendar, creating new calendar occasions, opening specific webpages, and delivering texts or emails (or simply also – gasp! – placing phone calls ) to certain individuals. It might likewise incorporate glancing at your phone’s battery degree, pulling up a calculator, and checking a particular Docs or Drive document maybe.

And yet, once you look for the most part Android phones’ Fast Settings panels, what can you prominently see most? More than not often, you see things such as a Wi-Fi toggle, a Bluetooth toggle, a toggle to show your mobile data link on / off, and a toggle make it possible for or disable your screen’s auto-rotate perform. You might also notice an airplane setting switch and perhaps a battery information tile it doesn’t actually inform you your present battery degree or do anything especially useful.

It’s likely that, those aren’t features you’re counting on multiple times each day. And however, they’re taking up a bit of prime virtual property – this potential-packed room that’s never greater than a one swipe aside. See the problem?

Today, Let me introduce you to the transformative tool known as Shortcutter , that is free having an optional $2 update for a few of its more complex features. People of my Android Intelligence Platinum system have noticed me point out the app in various contexts before, however the short edition is that Shortcutter can help you add a variety of genuinely helpful features into that Quick Configurations area – the precise sorts of daily-use products we were discussing another ago. In doing this, it lets those instructions are usually kept by you close at hand and make ’em easily available from any place in Android. And it consequently enables you to skip a variety of cumbersome methods and save mountains of time.

Using Shortcutter is simple pretty, you know what to accomplish once. When you start the app first, you will want to tap the area within its main display labeled “Pull-Down.” There, you will discover all the types of commands the plan makes available for getting into your phone’s Quick Settings area.

Android Quick Settings: Shortcutter menu JR
Shortcutter’s Fast Settings choices – whoa, Nelly, that is clearly a large amount of ham!


There is a lot to take here, I realize, plus some right parts tend to be more useful than others. Let me call out a small number of especially practical possibilities really worth exploring:

    • Beneath the first category of choices, “Shortcutter Micro Apps & Services,” you will discover a pop-up stopwatch and countdown control , a one-touch Fast Calendar pop-up that enables you to see a 30 days overview and add brand new activities into your agenda, a Fast Reminder pop-up that enables you to create your personal on-demand reminder notifications (which in turn remain existing on your phone and soon you dismiss them), and a Floating Calculator functionality that brings a collapsible, moveable calculator along with whatever else you’re carrying out.



Android Quick Settings: Floating calculator JR
The Shortcutter Floating Calculator – collapsed, at left, and prepared and expanded for make use of, at right.


    • Beneath the second group of options, “Customized Tiles,” it is possible to create your personal custom Quick Settings control keys that’ll open a particular website , call a particular number , start a textual content to a certain individual in your contacts, or open up any app or perform within an app on your own phone. For that final part, search for the “Shortcut” function. That’s what’ll enable you to take action like checking a specific document within Generate .



Android Quick Settings: Shortcuts JR
Choosing the “Shortcut” option enables you to select from a number of advanced in-app features.


    • Beneath the third group of options, “Motion Tiles,” it is possible to summon a single-tap Fast Settings order for developing a new calendar occasion , launching Android’s multi-window setting , or beginning a new blank text, email, or tweet from on your own phone anywhere.



Android Quick Settings: Action tiles JR
The “Actions Tiles” category provides up a great deal of time-saving possibilities.


    • And beneath the fourth group of options, “Details Tiles,” it is possible to provide yourself a battery details tile that’s a lot more useful compared to the typical program default along with a tile that presents the next alarm and enables you to leap to your alarm configurations with an individual touch of your preferred fingie.



Android Quick Setttings: Custom commands JR
Shortcutter’s optimizations at the job, in every but two of the tiles noticed here.


There’s much more, needless to say, but those will be the opportunities I think will undoubtedly be most useful for many people.

You discover and activate whatever choices you want once, all that’s left would be to place ’em within the active section of your Fast Configurations panel. In Google’s standard edition of Android, that can be done that by swiping down two times from the very best of the display screen and tapping the pencil-designed icon in the lower-left part of the panel. Some phone-makers arbitrarily alter that user interface around for no obvious cause – on a Samsung telephone, for example, you’ll swipe down two times and tap the three-dot menus icon and choose “Button order” to access that same location – but some way, you need to find a similar choice available somewhere for the reason that vicinity vaguely.

So when you do, you will discover any Shortcutter instructions you added in to the mix at the bottom of the checklist – quite possibly within an area reserved for inactive tiles that are not actually visible in the Fast Settings panel.

Well, drag those poor males and put ’em someplace prominent up. And think carefully concerning the order of one’s tiles as long as you’re at it, as well, whether you are looking at choices you’ve just additional in or mulling over your phone’s default Fast Settings tiles. Specifically, absorb the first six places in the list. Of all Android phones, those will be the spots that arrive with just a solitary swipe down from the very best of one’s screen – correct above your notifications – therefore be sure to place the commands you might use frequently in those top-tier areas so are going to the fastest and simplest to access.

When you’re done, your Android Fast Settings panel will be expanded, optimized, and – most significant – personalized for you . That’s a single heck of an improve. And it didn’t also take you a lot more than 10 mins to do.

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