From Then to Today: How Cisco Impacted MY ENTIRE LIFE

A monochrome photo of Karl putting on a DUO branded coat stands overlooking a bridge within Australia.Seven years ago, I was invited to the ongoing party. An extremely social guy ordinarily, I acquired to decline. I had been learning for the CCNA, and my 6th re-watch of exactly the same event of CBT nuggets (an online technical training) – specifically the main one on the routing process, OSPF (Open Shortest Path Very first) called instead. 

To say I has been frustrated on that evening can be an understatement – but if that same man could start to see the guy composing this website post from our amazing Sydney, Australia workplaces – well, he most likely wouldn’t believe you. Tright here’s no chance that guy would’ve believed he would someday be journeying with THE network firm of his desires &ndash internationally; but, i am here. 

My trip to Cisco can be an unusual one, as We didn’t directly apply, but this past year, I woke up from 6am to more than 50 texts from individuals I hadn’t spoken to inside years, just about all with this same information: “Congratulations!”  

– I noticed the headline: “Cisco intends to obtain Michigan structured Unicorn Duo Safety.” I had been in shock. The company that actually started my technical profession when I attained my CCNA (Cisco) was today acquiring the very best company I experienced ever worked for (Duo Protection).  

This was a moment I’ll remember for the others of my lifelectronic.

We was excited to notice a few of the same ideals and primary beliefs that had produced Duo this amazing spot to work shared over the larger Cisco group. 

Our mission was even now the same, we have now had a larger vision just, with very much greater potential and achieve. This became more obvious, when I produced my initial trip to Australia to go to our Duo clients in the region. It was an enormous success, and due to that I was inquired to give a display on Duo at Cisco Live: Melbourne 

As somebody who had always attended Cisco Live being an engineer to consume articles and learn – the opportunity for me personally to contribute my expertise and interest with others on the scale as large like Cisco Live was amazing 

With all these incredible items happening, you might think the excitement provides worn off – but you’d end up being wrong.

The size and level of Cisco allowed myself and Brian Biggs, my product sales rep (who’s also among my best friends and DJ partner) to get Duo international to the Australia area. When I was requested easily would be ready to temporarily locate to Australia to greatly help drive our eyesight and support our clients, I has been in the airport on the point of board for a vacation from Perth to Sydney.  

Imagine the gate brokers looking over as of this big man on his phoneactually dancing with excitement and happiness while attempting to scan his boarding move – it will need to have been a significant sight to behold!

So here I’m today, somebody that didn’t result from very much but has been provided the experience of a life time because of Duo Safety and Cisco 

Those past due nights, struggling to review, and devoting countless hours of my entire life to networking – paid. Presently there from day one and Cisco has been. 

To point out that Cisco has already established an influence on my life will be an understatement.  

Through Cisco We was given a chance to better my profession through certifications. Through Cisco, they acquired the very best corporation I had actually worked for that brought me to doing work for the #1 Planet’s Best Place of work. And through Cisco, I’ve been delivered to tackle the issues of international growth.  

Cisco has repeatedly produced huge impacts on my entire life and the lifestyles of a lot of people. I’m honored to whearing my Cisco badge and can’t wait around to see what we accomplish next. 

Ready to become listed on our incredible global groups? We’re hiring! Apply now. 

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