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Established within 2006, Medcare Hospitals & Healthcare Centres is really a healthcare network located in the United Arab Emirates. Made up of four hospitals and 15 medical centres, this season along with four a lot more centres opening, the multicultural network offers preventive, curative, and rehabilitative health care globally. Utilizing its “3Es” of Medcare Enriches, Empowers, and Evolves, they enhance a “caring objective with a worldwide vision.”

To March 2020 prior, Medcare’s patient-doctor interaction contains face-to-face consultations, where physicians would speak to a patient and generate specialists upon a case-by-situation basis subsequently. Their goal would be to reach every affected person in need and create a user-friendly appointment-booking encounter. The arrival of COVID-19, nevertheless, uprooted Medcare’s day-to-day functions. CEO, Andre Daoud, noticed that Medcare had a need to changeover to full-period telemedicine and partnered with Cisco to build up a beta edition of the teleMEDCARE system in just six times. Making use of Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration Plan (CDA), teleMEDCARE allows patients to consult a care provider reside immediately, learn a lot more about how to remain safe from COVID-19, and continue steadily to receive prescription refills for chronic circumstances.

Medcare Hospitals & Healthcare Centres promotes a “caring mission with a worldwide eyesight.”


Daoud noted, “Our partnership with involvement and Cisco with the CDA initiative exemplified the real meaning of collaboration, social responsibility, and the willingness of two organizations ahead and cater to the city in probably the most uncertain times together.”

Medcare and Cisco will work make it possible for accessibility for sufferers everywhere together. By Might 2021, Medcare provided a lot more than 15,000 teleconsultations via teleMEDCARE. What much better way to find out more about this collaboration than to listen to from CEO Andre Daoud in their own words?


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