From Austin to Sydney: How exactly to Work From Anywhere

SaaS Security Marketing Supervisor Laura O’Melia offers been thinking about living and functioning internationally always. After surviving in Austin, Texas for two decades, O’Melia was prepared for a fresh adventure and made a decision to shift to Sydney, Australia with the encouragement and assistance of her supervisor and Cisco. The pandemic delayed her programs, but that O’Melia’s settling into existence and function in Australia now, she shared how she produced the move to function from and ways to anywhere, too.

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 <h2>          <span>          <strong>     Solving troubles on a worldwide scale in a versatile atmosphere     </strong>          </span>          </h2>     

 <strong>     What now ??     </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     I'm on the Security Advertising team and concentrate on driving demand for the      <a href="https://duo.com/solutions/zero-trust-security">     Zero Rely on remedy     </a>      in the Asia-Pacific, Japan and China (APJC) region. I function closely with the Product sales teams to accomplish activities which will generate pipeline and educate leads on our security options. I spending some time finding new qualified prospects and trying new methods to build relationships our top prospects whilst having fun on the way.

 <strong>     What can you like most about operating at Cisco?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     What I really like most about functioning at Cisco may be the amount of optimistic contributions we reach have on the planet, from solving a few of the world’s greatest complications around cybersecurity to      <a href="https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/careers/we-are-cisco/benefits-and-perks.html#~charitable">     giving cash and assets     </a>      to others in need. I furthermore love the sensation of empowerment to generate my own work/life stability as Cisco allows me the chance to truly have a flexible schedule.

 <strong>     What provides been your career trip within Cisco?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     I began at Duo Safety in 2017. While employed in Field Advertising, I could gain experience across a variety of teams. For example, I worked with an area in the U closely.S. and also the Managed COMPANY team, that is a global team with another business model completely. The requirements differ greatly, from how exactly we report and monitor metrics to the offers and messaging in one team to another. I am now employed in an extremely different market that's much includes and bigger many more languages, so that brings a fresh degree of understanding to how exactly we show up on the market to attain business goals.

 <h2>          <span>          <strong>     Using the leap to work anyplace     </strong>          </span>          </h2>     

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 <h3>          <span>          <strong>     “Stepping beyond my safe place is one of the best things you can do.”      </strong>          </span>          </h3>     
 <h3>          <span>          <strong>     - Laura O’Melia     </strong>          </span>          </h3>     

 <strong>     What prompted one to relocate from Austin, Texas to Sydney, Australia?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     Austin is excellent and was my house for twenty years, but I nevertheless wished to gain international function experience to understand what it might be like someplace else and evaluate it from what I know.

Stepping beyond my safe place is one of the best things to do, when I noticed Duo was growing and there was a chance in Australia internationally, I was interested immediately. Everyone I know which has visited Australia has completely wonderful what to say always, so without actually having visited I decided to have a long-term international two-yr assignment.

 <strong>     How offers Cisco backed your relocation?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     I proved helpful closely with my supervisor on the procedure      <a href="https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/careers/we-are-cisco/benefits-and-perks.html#~personal-development">     from begin to finish     </a>     . The assistance was experienced by us of Cisco’s Flexibility Services team, a combined band of Cisco employees that assist with relocation services. We caused immigration to obtain might work          visa. I had been likely to relocate in March 2020 but once we understand, the borders were shut and visas weren't being processed for pretty much two yrs. I was in-role already, so continued to aid the APJC group from Austin.

When the period came, Cisco had a group of experts that I caused to pack and deliver my belongings and help get create having an overseas bank. I also caused a realtor to greatly help me look for a accepted spot to live, and the group assists with my U.S. and Australian taxation statements while I aside am.

 <strong>     How has your projects transformed since relocating?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     My function has expanded from carrying out lead-gen activities for Duo in Australia and New Zealand to today being in charge of driving demand over the APJC area through digital campaigns along with other marketing stations. I still make an effort to provide qualified results in Product sales and educate the marketplace on our offerings. My objective is to help obtain      <a href="https://www.cisco.com/site/us/en/products/security/index.html">     Cisco Secure options     </a>      into a lot more doors to eventually give users an improved experience and prevent the poor actors from doing damage.

 <strong>     What advice are you experiencing for others who would like to work from anyplace?      </strong>     

 <strong>     O’Melia:      </strong>     If you obtain the opportunity,      <a href="https://duo.com/blog/working-from-anywhere-with-purpose-openness">     go on it     </a>     . Everyone has their very own path, but if you feel your job could benefit, slightly even, from the experience you'll gain moving overseas and figuring items out far from everything you know today, you will want to test it out for? It is possible to learn so a lot from meeting and dealing with individuals that have an extremely different encounter than you may know.

Prepared for an adventure? In order to solve global problems through cybersecurity with the possible to work anywhere, have a look at our open up roles .

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