Flashback Fri: Smart, but not smart THAT

It’s within the times of the post-iPhone smartphone boom early, which pilot fish is within the weekly status ending up in his fellow development supervisors, where in fact the on-contact rotation schedule for designers is really a bone of contention usually.

The essential idea is that programmer must take turns providing back-end support for challenging support requests, says fish.

But as of this meeting, fish includes a simple suggestion to help keep the rotation moving together smoothly: The business should give a single mobile telephone, to be handed to whoever is on contact off. That way there will be only 1 number the help table has to contact case of after-hrs emergencies.

Fish says the smartphone will be worth the expense, as the on-call dev individual would at least possess something to enjoy with and showcase to friends through the much-despised on-call duty.

Almost everyone it&rsquo thinks;s advisable. But one dev supervisor asks, “Wouldn’t it become very hard to debug program code on that small display screen through the on-call?”

Following the laughter dies down, explains to the manager the way the smartphone would match the process just.

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