Flashback Friday: Simply don’t say a phrase to the bank

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This little vendor provides software program to big banks, states a pilot fish that helps maintain everything running.“Section of our work requires supporting the set up at the client, who is actually far, away far,” seafood says. “To be able to remotely do this, we have to VPN in to the bank’s network therefore we are able to troubleshoot the operational program.”

The bank has create a merchant account for the vendor’s techs to utilize, so that’s not just a nagging problem. But logging in demands the usage of a protection token — just a little device displaying lots that changes every full minute. So far, so excellent: Seafood and his cohorts can sign in and fix problems.

But comes a obtain off-hours support then. That creates a logistical issue: You can find three techs who rotate on-call responsibilities, but only one safety token.

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