Five Essential Tips for a MSP’s Ransomware’s Defense Plan

Managed Service Providers relieve a significant portion of the burden on their small to medium-sized market people, but they also assume significant harm. Cybercriminals find a goal that can affect several businesses rather than just one when companies turn to an MSP for assistance with their IT systems. Let’s talk specifically about malware. The largest independent study on storage and data protection in the industry, the 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, found that 85 % of the businesses polled had at least one ransomware assault in 2022. That figure goes far beyond being the lot. In fact, it ought to change the way you think about it from” if ransomware did fire” to” when it shall strike.”

MSP ransom protection’s pillars’s

As an MSP, it is your duty to provide quality, service, and ROI. However, ransom threatens the security and accessibility of client data and appears to be all but inevitable. How do you spend your time? I’d like’d to provide five essential steps for your security strategy, taken from the whitepaper, Achieving Ransomware Resiliency with DRaaS:

  1. Immutability
  2. strategic testing and alerting 24 hours a day
  3. preventing the intentional or unintentional termination of renter backups
  4. Automatic backup verification to guarantee rescue
  5. Making sure updates are empty before restoring them

You’ll be’ll able to avoid customer environment downtime and bridge the gap between SLAs and speed if these five ideas serve as the foundation of your MSP ransomware protection strategy. And now, without further ado, let’s get’s right to the important part.


Is there really just one steady, change? It is not required to be for secure content. Data cannot be changed, deleted, or encrypted thanks to eternal storage store. This also has a flip side. Both administrators and malicious actors are not permitted to tamper with the content. Clear, active, immutable backups can ensure safe restores, which is a big plus in this situation. Professionals ought to use this tool for their own structures. To satisfy customer needs, you can also offer integrity options. For instance, this can include structured or unstructured data across on-premises and multi-cloud surroundings, as well as thin and long-term storage.

MSPs and Veeam

Veeam has made a concerted effort to establish mutual trust with MSPs. This includes accepting new partners, providing solutions, and accepting active partners. In fact, Veeam Data Platform offers eternal backup storage that is both on – and off-site, as well as extra security against malicious activity or unintentional cut. Veeam has you covered when it comes to the first step in developing a reliable MSP malware protection strategy.

The following four actions

I’ve spent’ve the majority of this blog discussing the value of data protection and how immutability is the first step, but what about the other steps I mentioned? Even though I believe that seeing the number is a good place to start, I would be foolish if I didn’t advise reading the pertinent whitepaper. Spend some time reading Achieving Ransomware Resiliency with DRaaS and BAAS to fully understand each of the five tips. You can also sign up for our upcoming conference to learn more about how Veeam’s power’s of BaaS andamp, DRaa, helps service companies keep their operations running.