Extend your organization resilience to business essential applications with Veeam, Pure and cisco Storage

Business-critical applications, like
databases, messaging, collaboration and big information and AI/ML will be the even
foundation for today’s contemporary enterprises. More than ever now, these
applications flawlessly need to perform, which requires a good infrastructure that
is made for these apps. The applications require a total eco-system that
is able to assistance their capability to perform, which includes networking, compute, automation,
load balancing and storage space to mention a few just, all to make sure maximum performance
and availability. Beyond the virtual and bodily infrastructure, you also need
to pay focus on the specific applications and data, assuring they are
accessible and recoverable should (when) a concern arise. Together, these can
keep carefully the application available and executing at speeds that allow the always
business to operate. Needless to say, not all programs are manufactured equal, and different
applications have different specifications, availability and performance characteristics.
The truth is that the application form experience is becoming non-negotiable.

It requires an application


That’s why businesses are turning to
organizations like Pure Storage space, Cisco and their eco-system partners to provide
a whole, fully-integrated, application-centric infrastructure tailored for
your own application needs. If anybody component of the application
environment isn’t carrying out, the application form will suffer, and so ultimately
will the business. Actually, 12 months CIO magazine wrote that the 16 of the final
priciest IT failures ever sold were all application-based!*

While we at Veeam deliver contemporary data
protection, it is becoming apparent that as part of your we don’t reside in now
convenient IT silos, and actually, doing so could be detrimental to your
applications’ health.

In dealing with our customers to supply
them the best, innovative data security their modern infrastructures need,
it is evident that people are section of larger changes often, a move towards business
resilience, or basically, an application environment that’s designed to
support the performance, versatility and scalability requirements of one’s
application workloads.

Be it the modernization project, an
application initiative, or indeed, digital Transformation even, what businesses
are doing is seeking to build resilience for his or her applications, so that they are
offered and performing to the requirements of the business enterprise always.

In recognition of the, Veeam has partnered
with Pure Storage space and Cisco to build up a Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for Veeam
Accessibility with FlashStack
, the co-branded Pure and Cisco converged infrastructure.
We will be quickly publishing the CVD really!

For those which are unfamiliar with Cisco
CVDs, they’re engineering blueprints centered on a couple of technologies to solve
a specific use case, quite simply, Pure and Cisco engineers perform the all
testing and configuring which means you don’t have in order to. The total result? Faster, more
consistent performance and deployments. A lot more on CVDs


The trick sauce

This new CVD is for Veeam specifically;
protecting workloads upon FlashStack and employing a selection of Cisco or Pure
secondary servers and storage space to perform Veeam and shop the backups and replicas. We
examined the Veeam integration along with Pure, leveraging the unlimited snapshots of
FlashStack to back again up and restore virtualized workloads on FlashStack (supply)
with Veeam Backup & Replication v11. The mark storage and the Veaam
services shall operate on either a Pure Storage space FlashArray//C, Cisco UCS S3260
storage Cisco or even server UCS C240 M5 all flash server. Utilizing Pure’s
limitless snapshots allows Veeam to execute more regular backups to attain the
cheapest RPOs, all without impacting the efficiency of the production
environment. Of your day at the end, it’s about choice, a good choice of performance,
capabilities, and price for the workloads and for the level and SLAs you will need
to achieve.

FlashStack delivers today’s application
platform that’s pre-validated and pre-integrated
that combines compute, network, and storage right into a modern infrastructure
platform created for business-critical apps and tailored for specific
workloads. It delivers optimum performance, increased versatility and rapid
scalability. Among the lesser known great things about FlashStack could it be removes the
burden of patch administration, tuning and upgrades decreasing management
overhead. Pure offers their Evergreen program which means you only
need to install the operational program once, the components could be upgraded independently
without downtime, eliminating the necessity to need to physically swap the actually
unit. Not to mention, like Veeam, FlashStack may be acquired and consumed with a
selection of flexible consumption versions to meet up your organization’s economic

key sauce is Veeam’s integration with Pure’s snapshot technology. Pure’s
technology allows you to snapshot any volume, without worrying about
pausing workloads sufficient reason for zero overhead. Veeam can leverage these for backup
or replicas from the snapshot normally as you prefer directly. You are distributed by it added
flexibility and the capability to initiate a backup in any right period and frequency with
no interruptions to functions.


But wait around! That’s not absolutely all!

the charged power of one’s information with Veeam’s DataLabs. Burning as as you need often
without risk is excellent but having the ability to leverage that data and maximize your investments
in the info and storage infrastructure helps it be better even! With Veeam
DataLabs, it is possible to create almost live copies of one’s data in the protected virtual
environment that you could perform many tasks such as DevOps, security forensics and
analytics. The utilization cases because of this capability are many but i want to offer a
few interesting types. Veeam provides Secure Restore that utilizes this
functionality. Secure Restore supplies the ability to phase a scan and backup the
data for viruses or even malware BEFORE you restore that information, ensuring the info you
restore is clean. That is important in case of a ransomware particularly
incident. Actually, on the main topics ransomware, Pure and veeam enhance each
other through the use of Pure’s SafeMode snapshots technologies to create an immutable snapshot
of your backup to avoid the backup atmosphere from being deleted or altered
with admin credentials even. Veeam’s Melissa Palmer has written a whole lot about
establishing not disaster recovery tests just, but developing and assessment a
plan for ransomware recuperation, including considering some nuances just like the latency
in AV software improvements. Veeam DataLabs allows you to do this just. Read a lot more here .

So, with
Veeam, Pure and cisco, you could have a hardened back-up environment and become sure
that everything you restore will be free from any malware.


Pick the backup environment

that is correct for you personally with Veeam Availability with FlashStack!

on your requirements, the proper can be selected by you infrastructure to perform your data
protection. We shall publish the examining configurations and results within
the CVD to assist you determine which is a good choice for you.

Is a glance at what we right here
tested Veeam with upon the backend.

Cisco UCS S3260 M5 storage

servers deliver
amazing performance with substantial scalability plus the economics of disk
environments. Run by Cisco Cisco or Intersight UCS Supervisor for lower TCO,
simplified management, and consistent policy-based scalability and deployments.

      Cisco UCS C240 M5 all

flash storage space servers deliver the performance and versatility to perform support virtually any
workload as well as the data protection atmosphere. It provides the
ability to scale out there and scale around meet up with the flexibility and functionality for
complex environments.

      Pure Storage space FlashArray//C

coupled with Cisco UCS B200 M5 servers delivers maximum flash-based performance
that can deal with multiple workloads while delivering the best performance
for the data protection environment. It up scales out and. FlashArray//C also
offers Pure Storage space SafeMode snapshots to safeguard backup metadata and information
against data reduction. Ransomware can’t eradicate, change or encrypt SafeMode
snapshots, with administrative credentials even.

One size doesn’t match all!


One size doesn’t suit all for your
applications. Search for solutions which are pre-validated, optimized and designed
for your workloads. The full total result will undoubtedly be faster, more consistent deployments and
reliable performance for the workloads and applications. In other words,
higher degrees of satisfaction and lower TCO.



Application performance and
availability ever is a lot more critical than. Veeam, Pure and cisco have partnered
to pre-validate several configurations and back-up environment options to make sure
that you can choose the best solution for you personally removing the confidently
guesswork. Re-purpose information for check dev, forensics, analytics and compliance. The
result will be faster deployments and reliable app performance all from
three trusted vendors known because of their reliability, performance and
manageability. Go to our Veeam-FlashStack web site to learn


*Source: “ 16 famous ERP disasters, dustups and disappointments ”, CIO Mag., 3-20-20.

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