Expanding the end-to-end information protection story with Nutanix

Since Nutanix’s announcement of Nutanix Mine with Veeam and subsequent discharge early last year, we’ve been hard at the job strengthening the excess points of intersection between Nutanix and Veeam. Let’s have a look at some of our latest discover and achievements how, together with Nutanix Mine with Veeam , a whole story for the data’s lifecycle all fits in place.

Veeam is Nutanix Prepared for Documents


Nutanix Data files is Nutanix’s software-defined document system providing built for the present day data middle with cloud-like versatility and scalability. Nutanix Documents integrates into existing nutanix conditions seamlessly. It could be provisioned alongside additional workloads such as for example AHV instances and prevent storage and is handled by exactly the same Prism user interface as the other items in the Nutanix portfolio. With the launch of NAS back-up support in Veeam Back-up & Replication v10, Veeam has had a similar integrated method by expanding its current group of supported backup resources to add file-based workloads. That is all included in a Universal Licensing model and managed in Veeam Back-up &amp wholly; Replication. We’re pleased to record that Veeam Back-up & Replication has already been tested Nutanix Prepared for Files, assisting to ensure that the efficiency of NAS back-up introduced in Veeam Back-up & Replication v10 and subsequent NAS improvements additional in Veeam V11 are suitable.


Combating ransomware with Nutanix Items


Year last, Veeam and Nutanix taken to market a fresh turnkey data protection solution that delivers higher availability and scalability called Nutanix Mine with Veeam . This is designed to provide as a high-performing, major landing area for backups, along with hosting Veeam’s software program suite. Since that time we’ve seen the utilization case of Mine broaden from that secondary storage space location to accommodate a far more smooth pairing with a longer-expression repository in Nutanix Items, Nutanix’s own object-centered storage.

A Nutanix Objects cluster supplies the ideal system for filling in the capability Tier of a Nutanix Mine with Veeam ‘s Scale-Out Back-up Repository, given the scalable architecture and cost-effective licensing design highly. As with Files, Nutanix Objects could be managed making use of Prism seamlessly, the user interface that spans across Nutanix items. Nutanix Items can operate individually of nutanix Mine with Veeam also, meaning a Nutanix Items cluster can be built-into any Veeam atmosphere as a repository shop.

Especially, Nutanix Objects offers assistance for S3-compliant WORM, that is compatible with Veeam’s execution of Immutability for Capability Tier. This helps it be a viable type of safety against ransomware along with other malicious threats. Furthermore, Nutanix Items has been certified as Veeam Ready Item with Immutability to function as a viable remedy for the long-term data retention specifications with hardened security.


A thorough data lifecycle management system:


Over the last couple of years, Veeam has bolstered its integration over the Nutanix item portfolio to end up being the most satisfactory and holistic data-security solution for the Nutanix environment. Protection emerges to primary workloads, which includes AHV and Nutanix Data files, served from the highly accessible and scalable secondary storage space in Nutanix Mine with Veeam and tiered off to longer-term storage space such as Nutanix Items. Throughout this entire trip, your data’s lifecycle could be managed through the consistent and acquainted Nutanix Prism interface.


To check this end-to-end offering, Veeam’s General License extends defense across additional workloads both digital and physical also to any kind of cloud, whether private or public. Also to tie everything collectively, Veeam’s transportable information format provides flexibility of recovery and storage space across multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud environments. Together, Nutanix and veeam give a complete data-protection solution which includes robust and extensive functionality, packaged in a simple-to-deploy-and-manage format. This gives you effortless and invisible contemporary data protection, to enable you to can get on with the continuing company of innovation.

The story doesn’t end here! Veeam and Nutanix are continuing to help expand push these integrations, and we turn to posting that with you the next time forward. Try the demo on your own!

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