ESXi NIC Teaming

Network redundancy and Load balancing can be achieved simply by NIC teaming. It is group of several NIC which is represented as an individual Logical NIC. It can be configured upon vSwictch and DvSwitch. It needed minimum two adaptors.

Step by Step NIC teaming configuration:


  1. Login in order to vSphere Web Client
  2. Select the required Web host and Cluster
  3. Select the vSwitch on which you require NIC teaming
  4. ESXi Host > Deal with > Networking > Virtual Change
  5. Click Edit
  6. Select teaming and failover
  7. Choose the suitable load balancing policy
  8. Choose the Network Failing Detection
  9. Select Yes or No from the a few rd plus 4 th options
  10. Choose the appropriate  failover order according to your requirement.
Ok and Conserve – It’s done simply


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