ESXi networking commands – Part one

In this post I am trying for figure out few vSphere networking command that is useful for quick check.

To list all Standard vSwitch present on the Esxi host
# esxcli network vswitch standard list


Add Remove vSphere Standard Switch
# esxcli network vswitch standard



Adding a new vSwitch to Esxi host
   # esxcli network vswitch standard add – v=Name of vSwitch   
   # esxcli network vswitch daily add – v=vSwitch5   
Adding a new vswitch with correct number of ports
   # esxcli network vswitch standard integrate – v=vSwitch5 - -ports=256   


Schreiben: By default when a vSwitch is created it’s actually created with 128 ports
Configuring  Port Group  on Standard Electrical switches
Port groups continue to be configured on vSwitch using the instructions
    # esxcli connection vswitch standard portgroup   
The associated namespace with this authority are as shown below:

Create a new portgroup at the standard vswitch

Command to manufacture a new portgroup on a standard vSwitch
  # esxcli network vswitch standard portgroup add – p= name of port group – v= Name of vSwitch  
   # esxcli network vswitch common portgroup add – p=” TOES NW” – v=vSwitch6   



To full all the NICS present in Esxi hosting firm
The command  used to meet all the vmnics present on an Esxi Host
    # esxcli network nic list   



Post properties of a single vmknic
    # esxcli network nic get -n vmnic1   


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