Employee Monitoring Software Comparison: Teramind vs. Hubstaff

Much like Workpuls (have a look at our Teramind vs. Workpuls review here ), Hubstaff will be primarily a timesheet management and productivity monitoring solution which has some employee supervising capabilities such as for example app and URL monitoring, screenshots capture, and basic notifications features.

However, Teramind is really a full-fledged employee monitoring solution with robust activity tracking, behavior analytics, risk management, and insider threats avoidance capabilities that is included with time tracking and productivity analysis features also. In a way, Teramind has most of Hubstaff’s features (aside from a few such as for example geo-tracking) plus more.

However, that’s not to state Hubstaff is inferior or competing directly with Teramind even. It offers its large customer base that are interested in a straightforward solution that may track employee time and engagement minus the extra great features. Therefore, it is cheaper also.

The table below compares Teramind with Hubstaff side-by-side with regards to key features and capabilities to enable you to decide which solution is right for you personally.

Teramind vs. Hubstaff Features Comparison




Monitoring Capability





Detection Capability





Privacy Protection





Activity Blocking & Control





Alerts & Reports
























Premium Assistance

Enterprise plan





Monitoring Agent









Web Access
Customization options




Reviews & Ratings









Beginning Price $10 user/month $7 user/month
Freemium version
Trial offer


Hubstaff will be right for you personally if…


you have associates who work mostly on a scheduled basis and you also desire to track their time and expenses accurately. It includes online timesheets, GPS monitoring, payroll digesting, scheduling, and basic project management features. While its productivity monitoring features aren’t as powerful as Teramind’s, Hubstaff still scores some points because of its intuitive dashboard and catchy reports supplemented by screenshot captures visually, app and web tracking, idle time monitoring, job posting fleet monitoring, and few other unique features. However, usually do not anticipate them on the Free version. For the product’s full benefits, you will need to obtain the more costly ($20/user/month) Enterprise version.

All-in-all, while Hubstaff lacks advanced insider and monitoring threat prevention capabilities, though what it can, it can well. With an array of platform supports such as for example Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS – it really is as ubiquitous since it gets.

Teramind will be right for you personally if…


are in the marketplace for today’s employee monitoring solution which will also fulfill your preferences for time tracking, clock-in kiosks, employee scheduling, employee tasks, and expenses tracking, and much more. Additionally, it provides built-in policy and rules to automate many of these administrative tasks while also providing an ‘active’ productivity optimization capability rather than just generating a written report.  By active, we mean, the machine can automatically interfere when a worker does something unproductive or harmful such as for example spending their 3rd hour in a row on Youtube. It could block such activities, issue a warning, notify the manager or execute the script.

Teramind may also provide your organization a dynamic defense from all sorts of malicious or inadvertent insider activities such as for example theft, fraud, industrial espionage, sabotage, along with other threats. It is possible to conduct risk analysis and forensic investigation with audio and video recordings, real-time alerts, immutable logs, and much more.

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