This pilot fish works because the network admin for a K-12 school that uses Gmail and Google for email. It’s spring split, though, and things are usually quiet pretty, on Friday afternoon but, seafood gets a panicked e-mail.

“Today are you currently in the district?”

Fish solutions, Yes, but We’m focusing on an urgent concern. What can I perform for you?

“Wilma is here now to complete as secretary inside the working workplace and she may’t sign into Google on her behalf email.”

Seafood checks, and Wilma had logged inside about 20 minutes previous. I so he email messages back: “We see she’s signed inside. What error information does she notice?”

“We’ll have her send you a screenshot.”

About ten minutes later, fish gets the cropped screenshot from Wilma’s desktop computer, showing a notification with a “Dismiss” option.

The e-mail is from Wilma’s e-mail — the main one she can’t log into.

Seafood simply replies: “Select ‘Dismiss’ and you will be fine.”

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