Disaster Recovery ( BC / DR ), Business Continuity & amp, 2023

The 2023 Data Protection Trends Report, the largest independent study on storage and data protection in the industry, is another work challenge whose findings Veeam is pleased to announce. This study is completely independent, conducted by a third-party research organization, and represents the entire marketplace, not just from Veeam customers. Neither the technology, but rather the following are the most crucial components of a crisis recovery plan:

  • What a thorough and all-encompassing system that is. In a issue, it may be necessary to conduct research and realize, so the more manual work is involved.
  • How accurate or true the plan is in light of the infrastructure environment and current workloads. Consider” design fall” here, which means that a plan from last year is less likely to take into account the needs and specifics of today’s implementation.

It’s crucial to remember that a system that only includes documentation is very different from one that is intelligent and capable of handling the majority of tasks on its own. This entails the capacity to conduct testing on a regular basis and, presumably, to release recovery documentation. The entire industry average is tested every five weeks, as shown in the results down. Since the pandemic started almost three years ago, we have observed that many organizations’ workloads, infrastructure, and / or deployment models significantly change in less than six months. Additionally, 14 % of survey respondents say they haven’t tested their ambitions in six to three years. Due to problems like reworked applications, altered infrastructure and configuration drift, and modified service level agreements( SLAs ), this puts them at risk.

In the past few years, we have observed increased cloud acceptance and interest among support providers( see the forum in this collection titled” Cloudy Data Protection in 2023″). According to the data below, there is an equal interest between on-premises and cloud-hosted recoveries, which increased by 7 % year over year in favor of cloud hosting. The majority of recovered data will come from cloud-hosted updates, especially for businesses that are recovering on-premises.

The objective is to shorten the time it takes to resolve disaster failover / failback. Businesses may try to accomplish this in different ways, though.

  • Pre-defined scripts was the most common response at 52%, but config drift might have come in to play, and even if accurate, most scripts assume that the original script authors are available to address any issues that arise. However, at least there is some automation involved.
  • Manual configuration was the next most common choice at 30%. This equates to human heroics during a crisis, under duress with management looking over the team’s shoulders, trying to figure out what has changed in the last half a year to multiple years in the environment. Hopefully, the team has the correct skills, access to the needed documentation and tools to conduct their tasks.
  • Orchestrated workflows is the method that we would have liked to see more of, but it only accounted for 18% of the responses. Here, best practices have been put into the workflow(s), with the ability to test the run book more frequently, placing fewer demands on the administrative team, which could lead to a more complete and faster return to operations.

On our LinkedIn Life sessions, where we will discuss this and other pertinent findings from this study, we would like to associate with you. The complete information is available for download at 2023 Data Protection Trends Report. Contact StrategicResearch @ veeam.com if you have any questions about this project or any of VeeAM’s other research initiatives. According to a survey conducted by an independent research company with 4,200 responses from 28 countries, Veeam’s Data Protection Report is the most recent and comprehensive study on storage and accessibility in the background of data protection. To see all the most recent data protection insights, download the complete 2023 Data Protection Trends Report. Are you interested in learning more about Veeam’s solutions storage solutions? Check the section for Veeam Enterprise Backup Solutions.