Delivering Cybersecurity Automation with NWN and SecureX – AMER Partner Spotlight

This may be the final post in a three-part blog series. Browse the APJC spotlight here and EMEAR spotlight here.

As 2020 winds down, Year i discover myself reflecting on which sustained me by way of a difficult. It won’t function as TV binging or more time with my domestic pets I’ll keep in mind about 2020. I’ll think about the personal connections discovered amidst unprecedented situations and the human relationships that emerged more powerful – with my children, colleagues and, needless to say, our partners.

SecureX provides made our excellent partner relationships better actually. Cisco Secure partner NWN can be an outstanding illustration. Because NWN has already been an early design companion in integrating and extending the efficiency of SecureX to their own NWN Encounter Management Platform, in addition to creating a collaborative SecureX online user neighborhood with over 500 members. Collectively, we’ve exposed more opportunities to understand even, work and fortify the partnership for the customers who require integrated security solutions.

“We’ve seen incredible success with SecureX,” said Eric Bostick, CTO, NWN. “Our offerings technique is rooted in ‘Protected by Style’, integrating best-of-breed Cisco features with our providers and IP to make sure our clients maximize the worthiness and deliver the business enterprise outcomes they want. Our management, adoption and support solutions are usually further differentiated with the brand new SecureX platform.”

NWN is integrating SecureX to their NWN Experience Management Platform (EMP) working back with this DevNet team. NWN’s EMP allows their 1,300+ clients to have real-time handle and visibility, and self-service capabilities. The SecureX integration allows them to pull custom made insights and analytics because of their customers, generating great wins. And customers are usually noticing!

“NWN and the SecureX integration helped UNC Pembroke’s mighty and small security group protect a lot more than 80,000 devices at confirmed time, including 3,019 university computers, 3,500 licenses, 250 servers, and also employee and student private laptops,” mentioned Don Bryant, Chief Details Safety Officer, UNC Pembroke. Bryant and his team will have a holistic look at of what’s happening on the college’s network, when to finest protect the grouped local community from cyberattacks along with other security threats. You can find out about how NWN offers helped UNC Pembroke attain their company outcomes by viewing their on-demand SecureX Online Workshop here.

After quite a few much-deserved R&R on the holidays, I am hoping everyone can consider their security exercise and become inspired by NWN’s power and success with SecureX. Whenever we lead with SecureX with this partners together, our customers have an improved drive and experience more powerful results.

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