Degree up your Secure E-mail game using SecureX Orchestrator

Today, a contact administrator needs to obtain the most out of these data and reporting with regards to the daily administration of Business E-mail Compromise, Ransomware, Malware, and Phishing. The e-mail administrator must share the info also, actual and reporting email messages allowing their SOC along with other teams to be able to perform X, Y, Z.

In my own video , The steps have already been supplied by me to configure the Cisco Secure E-mail module in SecureX. This allows one to take the daily mail summaries and risk reporting and create those obtainable in the SecureX Dashboard:

 Cisco SecureX Dashboard with SMA module integrated     

With Cisco SecureX integration, the ribbon provides usage of Casebook, Orbital, any configured Cisco Protection portfolio module. The e-mail administrator has had their reporting and information and managed to get readily available with their organization.

Ready to degree up?


Cisco SecureX Orchestration today includes the ability of automating Phishing investigations and remediation . Once we have read in earlier blog posts already, the Phishing Investigation Workflow obtainable in Orchestration is a online game changer for today’s e-mail administrator.

The Phishing Investigation workflow monitors a mailbox for incoming phishing reports. When a contact is obtained, the workflow investigates its accessories and attempts to find out if anything in the e-mail (or its accessories) had been suspicious or malicious. If anything suspicious or malicious is available, the user is informed to delete the e-mail, a incident and casebook are manufactured in Threat Response, a Webex Teams information is posted, and a contact is delivered to a SOC email.

The brand new email event in SecureX Orchestration enables you to trigger a workflow when a contact arrives within an inbox. In this movie , we display how our phishing investigation workflow may take a contact submission and perform an automated investigation.

Now, as well as the information and reporting shared with their organization, the e-mail administrator has provided the e-mail and automation capability making use of their security teams securely!


Phishing automation isn’t the only factor the e-mail administrator can perform with Orchestration. Have a look at this example, Managing and monitoring and E-mail DLP Breach on Cisco SecureX, from my buddy Alexandre Argeris, Cisco Cyber Safety TSA:

Orchestration takes that which was once considered to become a mail flow plan or content filtration system driven activity from with-within Cisco Secure E-mail to unlocking a complete new degree of administration.

Not really using Cisco Secure E-mail?


If you are not used to Cisco Secure E-mail, make sure to evaluation our full portfolio , or sign-up for a 45-time demo of our Cisco Secure E-mail Cloud Gateway .

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