Customer & amp, Partner Support Central to Veeam’s’s Rise to the Top Global Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery Solution

2H22 Results from IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker for Data Replication and Protection Software puts Veeam at #1 for 2H22 and full year 2022[1].Protection from the risk of cyber threats and ransomware is now vital for every organization. But what does it take to be #1 in the market of keeping businesses running? Well, answers vary. Especially for software companies. Some say it’s customer and partner obsession. Others say talent. Motivation. Innovation. Focus. Agility. Leadership. Quality. Ethics.All of these are great answers! But allow me to add one of my own — you! The Veeam community. You make us better. Day in. Day out. Year after year. Thanks to you, Veeam now holds the global #1 position in IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker 2022H2 for Data Replication & Protection software. We are humbled by our customers’ adoption of our platform and portfolio of products. What a journey!

The frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, particularly malware, shift the focus from whether to when your company may be attacked. Our NEW <a href=”https://www.veeam.com/data-protection-platform.html” data-wpel-link=”internal” target=”_blank” rel=”follow noopener”>Veeam Data Platform, which is centered on contemporary data protection and ransom recovery, was reportedly introduced by VMware. Whether the IT environment is multi-cloud, virtual, physical, hybrid, SaaS ( Microsoft 365, Salesforce ), or Kubernetes, it is a single platform that offers advanced data security, recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities. Every culture, no matter how difficult, can be easily secured and recovered thanks to this platform approach, preventing ransomware attacks. We are eager to collaborate with our clients, colleagues, and users to create a safer, more stable future.

We appreciate your faith, our customers.

You motivate us to play hard. Your comments and suggestions improve, make our choices more relevant, creative, and dependable. Your difficulties and aspirations motivate us to play our aspect in maintaining the operations of businesses all over the world.

To our colleagues, we appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

Your success is our performance! You are dedicated to keeping Veeam companies operating because you are the foundation upon which our company is built. We are motivated by your commitment to providing the best and most dependable joint backup and recovery solutions, which generally go above and beyond what customers expect.

We want to bless our subscribers for their interest and enthusiasm.

You shape Veeam into what it is right! Your suggestions and support help us develop. Your enthusiasm, your wisdom, and your experience enable us to broaden our audience and unfold our message, which improves us daily.

What can we infer from the IDC sensor?

While it’s’s nice to be in the lead, we are aware that offering the solutions our clients and partners require for safety and success is what matters most. Organizations have previously faced more dangers than they do right now, particularly when it comes to ransom and cyberthuggishness. Every action we take at Veeam is intended to assist organizations in effectively preparing for these challenges, and in the worst case scenario, we’ll’ll assist you in keeping your data secure and quickly and resiliently recoverable. The input and experience of more than 450, 000 Veeam prospects, ranging from the smallest companies to the biggest ones worldwide, improves those capabilities. We are pleased to have topped IDC’s’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, but we are aware that it took a group effort to achieve this. We have to work for it every day. Our dedication? to continue being innovative. to keep getting better. to maintain business operations. and to collaborate in order to succeed even more in the hereafter. We are dedicated to continuing to provide high-quality tool to our clients that meets your needs and exceeds your prospects. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with our partners to provide creative ideas. We are dedicated to keeping in touch with our customers and taking their input into consideration in order to provide the best experience possible. Thank you once more on behalf of the entire Veeam Team. When there is a distinction of 0.5 percentage points or less in the curved market share between two or more contractors, IDC declares that the global software market is statistically tied.