Cloud Cultures, Part 4: Creating exceptional customer experiences in Italy

The rapid evolution of technological innovation is truly fascinating, but if there is something that intrigues me more, it is the sophisticated chemistry of the people, stories, and experiences that shape how technology is used every day. The outcomes of cloud adoption are shaped dramatically by the people and their culture. These stories show firsthand how technology and tradition combine to form cloud cultures.

In our first three episodes, in Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, we explored how the people in these countries have taken important leaps in delivering new innovative technologies, and the underlying culture that helped them get there in unique ways. Conversations with partners and customers in these regions gave me a distinct view into how much of an impact history has on the present and future markets. Poland is fearless, jumping right in and courageously taking on new challenges. Sweden, on the other hand, is ambitious, transforming simple ideas into global successes. In the United Kingdom, their towering aspirations fuel their commitment to producing premium results. The innovations they have created in the cloud are reflective of the unique history and traditions they imbue. It made me curious to learn more. In our fourth episode, we turn our attention to another European country, and discover a cloud culture in Italy.

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Italy: Enjoying the moment

I’ve always been enamored by Italian culture. In my visit to Milan, Italy, I visited a magnificent cathedral, explored extraordinary artwork, tasted exceptional cuisines, experienced an Italian cup of espresso, witnessed the famous Italian fashions, and even took a long drive in the countryside in a beautiful sportscar. While there, I noticed a common theme. These simple pleasures are enjoyed by Italians every day. These beautiful experiences allow them to slow down and appreciate each moment.

A red sports car driving in Italian countryside

I love that Italy has its own way of doing things—and that it stays true to how they innovate as well. Reminding us to consider the beauty of life, the charm of simplicity, and how we can use technology to elevate everyday moments into powerful feelings. It’s a Cloud Culture that understands true customer satisfaction is twofold: You have your product AND the enjoyment of the experience you’ve built around it.

“The technology is something that touches every part of our business, with speed, flexibility and transparency. The cloud technology is directly connected to how our end customers experience each cup of Lavazza coffee.” —Fabio Rangaioli, Information Technology Global Director of Lavazza Group. 

Our conversations with customers and partners helped me see how the powerful winds of innovation that have converged with local customs, values, and ways of living in Italy, helped create something unique.

How are Italian customers using the cloud?

These conversations helped uncover just how far Italian companies will go to prioritize exceptional experiences, allowing life to slow down just a little bit to enjoy the present moment. Below are just a few of the Italian customers who are transforming their businesses to adapt to the growing needs of their customers in Italy, and beyond:

  • Zegna established as a fabric maker in 1910 and is internationally recognized as a leading global luxury menswear brand. Zegna built their reputation on high-quality fabrics, particularly cashmere and wool, and a refined expression of elegance for men. Their ZEGNA X system allows for a personalized shopping experience using a 360 configurator that makes it possible for the company to meet the needs of clients where they live—which is increasingly more in a digital domain.
  • CREA is the principal Italian research organization dedicated to the agricultural food supply chains, operating under the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forests. They have twelve research centers that deal with animal husbandry, aquaculture, plant nutrition, soil fertility, mechanics, robotics, genomics, and bioinformatics. With the main impact of agriculture on food, CREA is strongly committed to obtaining quality and healthy food to bring to the table of Italians.
  • Lavazza Group is a leading manufacturer of coffee products, based in Turin. Since their start in 1895, the company has strived to maintain the same values as their first little coffee shop, while growing their business to more than 140 countries worldwide, with over 30 billion cups of coffee produced every year. To improve the coffee experience, they use the cloud to monitor the health of their coffee machines to ensure it will produce the perfect cup of coffee.

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Technology does not define people and culture but instead culture defines technology and how we use it. The cloud culture in Italy has shown me how we can use technology to elevate everyday moments into powerful experiences. Milan, Italy, is home to one of our newest datacenter regions, supporting the Microsoft Cloud. Italian customers are already taking advantage of a broad set of Azure services from this new region, helping them meet local data residency and compliance requirements while allowing them to test the limits of innovation with modern solutions to achieve their business goals and aspirations. As we move into this next era of digital transformation, with AI at the forefront, our mission has never been more important—to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. Everyone has a role to play in creating a better world and at Microsoft we simply want to provide the tools and resources to do so.

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