Cisco Statement on Home Passing of the American Guarantee and Dream Work of 2021

      Declaration from Cisco’s Executive Vice Chief and President Individuals, Policy & Objective Officer, Fran Katsoudas, on House Passing of the American Fantasy and Promise Work of 2021:          

We at Cisco applaud the homely home of Representatives for passing long term legislative security for Dreamers. For many of the men and women America may be the only home they will have ever known, and this legislation provides them the certainty they deserve to totally thrive and assist us develop a more inclusive future.

12 months has taught us anything if earlier this, it’s our shared humanity is precious. Dreamers provide their talents, work and abilities ethic to countless businesses across the nation. They’re our friends, neighbors and colleagues. They are American atlanta divorce attorneys real way but in some recoverable format. And today they’re one step nearer to a permanent lawful solution that would permit them to become residents in the country they know as house.

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