Cisco Secure Program: A New Method of Application Security

It’s no real surprise that the events of 2020 changed the IT landscape drastically, as thousands of people began working at home, accessing applications from a large number of devices on open public service and internet companies. As agencies embraced hybrid/multi-cloud technologies, growing the perimeter of IT vastly, in addition they faced an unprecedented increase in malicious protection threats and a rise in modern programs complexity-all testing the limitations of monitoring practices.

The quantity¹ and frequency² of hacker attacks, in conjunction with the typical time³ to recognize and include a breach, multiplied by the many applications running on-prem then, cloud-native and multi-cloud microservices, security risk remains a significant challenge.

And that formula simply doesn’t work with our customers’ safety posture.

Protecting customers’ applications will be the lifeblood of electronic company. The Cisco Security System & Reaction (SP&R) partnered with AppDynamics to create a new method of application security – one which protects business-critical apps continuously from inside-out.

Introducing Cisco Secure App.

Cisco Secure Software protects programs at runtime, prevent and detects assaults in real-time, and simplifies the lifecycle of protection incidents by giving application and company context and developing a shared context across Program and Security teams. Included in AppDynamics full-stack observability system natively, Cisco Secure App embeds security in to the software runtime without adding efficiency overhead to unlocks safety insights without friction.

Needed as part of your now, Cisco Secure Software detects vulnerabilities and threats continually, block attacks, and business context so groups can prioritize remediation simply by business influence.  It can help security groups investigate breaches, an important element in business continuity, turning hundreds of hours of recognition and prevention into mere seconds, enabling customers to lessen friction and capture threats in occasions, not months.

Cisco Secure Application may be the first type of defense, a natural layer of protection and a fundamental element of a comprehensive monitoring technique from within the application form runtime-and for each application atmosphere.  With recognition into the application company and topology context, AppOps can scope a safety incident and realize the possible impact to customers and the business enterprise and strategically prioritize reaction. SecOps can perform visibility into attacks predicated on deep program insight that eases alert exhaustion and shared context when speaking with application teams. Security professionals may identify runtime fixes and vulnerabilities with business worth prioritization.

Shared insights and context allow users to make sure peak performance and protection posture.

Cisco Secure Application may be the only remedy purpose-built to safeguard business-critical applications, irrespective of where they work, from the within out, to keep uptime and speed. Within AppDynamics, Cisco Secure Program includes business, performance, and safety insights to safeguard organizations from exploits and slowdowns. It detects vulnerabilities and blocks attacks to safeguard applications automatically, customers, and business.

Our portfolio strength may be the worth we deliver to clients.

Cisco SecureX’s built-in system experience helps CISOs also it decision-makers with SecOps, NetOps and itops increase operational efficiency to protected networks, endpoints and users, cloud edge, and apps, delivering quicker remediation with better accuracy and getting rid of the repetition and friction within processes.

When there’s a person need, SP&R innovates to resolve the nagging problem, affording them the competitive advantage. That’s the fierceness of competitors, and what drives our capability to innovate for the customers.  So when we build the very best items in cyber security-and in major the App Safety space-we continue steadily to power our clients business and the forward, securely. Period.

To learn more on Cisco Secure Application, visit https://www.appdynamics.com/product/application-security.


  1. Hackers strike every 39 secs.
  2. Hackers attacked on the common of 2,a day 244 times.
  3. The typical time and energy to identify and include a breach is a lot more than six months.
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