Cisco Secure Firewall Risk Protection Virtual supported on cisco HyperFlex now


With today’s multi-cloud and contemporary application environments, security more technical than ever before is before. With the Cisco Secure system approach, we are assisting you take steps to attain simplified security across your company radically. Today, we have been driving simplified protection to your hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), delivering assistance for Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv) on Cisco HyperFlex.

Cisco HyperFlex, 12 months for 2019 and 2020 acknowledged by CRN because the HCI item of the, can be an enterprise-class HCI remedy powering mission-critical programs in core, advantage, hybrid, and multi-cloud conditions, allowing deployment along with Cisco Intersight anywhere.

The brand-new assistance  of Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual on HyperFlex offers Layer 3, 4, and 7 control and visibility, offering industry-leading protection and safety against known plus emerging threats with regard to your workloads upon HyperFlex. Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual protects workloads no more than 2-node HyperFlex Advantage Clusters to huge HyperFlex Datacenter Clusters, spanning a large number of compute-just and converged nodes.

If you are not used to Cisco, benefiting from Cisco HyperFlex enables your company to:

    • Power apps and information anyplace – HyperFlex allows you to run conventional and cloud native apps in any location, at any level – predictably and securely on an app-centric system engineered for application data and performance resiliency.


    • Optimize functions – HyperFlex and Intersight deliver unified, full-stack handle over distributed infrastructure, and the various tools had a need to ensure application flexibility and performance.


    • Enhance agility – HyperFlex delivers the proper resources, to the proper workloads with platform regularity across a massively distributed level. It quickly integrates with present infrastructure and delivers a simplified way to business-brought adoption of potential future technology.



If you are benefiting from Cisco HyperFlex currently, you will want to take the “better jointly” method and extend your organization’s protection architecture into your virtual systems and hybrid-cloud infrastructure? With Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual, you everywhere obtain consistent security, centralized management and strong visibility, world-class threat cleverness, and more.

Support now is available, running on Threat Protection 7.0.

To learn even more about how exactly Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual may secure your organization’s information center, public, and personal clouds, start to see the additional resources below.

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