Cisco Mexico Enables Their Passions Shine

My favorite season in Mexico is through the a few months of October and November once the Dia de los Muertos or even Day time of the Dead celebrations happen. I really like this right section of our culture due to how much pleasure it brings – and, primarily, I really like sharing this right section of our tradition with others. 

Back again when I was inside school studying to obtain my B.S. in Telematics Engineering, my classmates and I’d decorate the lab in line with the period we had been in. Mounting an Ofrenda could very well be probably the most recognizable symbol of your day of the Dead celebrations – this is a short-term alter where families honor themselves, and creating one ideal in the center of the lab actually helped us to bond once we brought private passions into a expert space. And everything came naturally. 

We was certain this might not exist in the ‘real-world’ career. 

When We joined Cisco’s Consumer Experience Professional Providers Collaboration team 4 years back, I was unsure in what to anticipate from office life. YOUR DAY of the Dead in the office to be ridiculous would someone think celebrating? What if there is no right time or even interest for anything beyond work and deliverables? What if this is a boring just, average job?

Fortunately, I was proven and surprised bad at every turn. Cisco wanted us to create our unique personalities and passions in to the working office! I fulfilled the Inclusion and Collaboration team also, who are responsible for organizing a variety of activities – from football to yoga – outside the technical specs of our function. At Cisco, the word is used by us, “Work hard, have fun with hard” pretty significantly – which united group helps us make that happen! 

Then, YOUR DAY of the Dead i came across that any office already had an initiative linked to!  Not merely did teams come up with their own Ofrendas, however they competed against one another every year to notice who had the very best Ofrenda. But why cease there? You will want to bring this activity to your workplaces throughout campuses and Mexico worldwide? Alongside three amazing close friends, we volunteered to create this take place – and we’d our managers full assistance, too! 

That is the way the Annual Time of the Dead Ofrendas Contest with Cisco Mexico was created, and the Ofrendas that people saw from our groups were amazing! Some had been actually featured on the @WeAreCisco social makes up about the whole planet to see.

Whilst keeping the solemn, necessary core of the Ofrendas intact many did incredible mashups with pop lifestyle and also Cisco gear! Year after yr it just keeps improving, and we have been improving the contest by firmly taking the comments received constantly.  

Inside this same spirit, We was very fortunate in order to bring another personal passion into have fun with: photography. 

We love having the ability to share who I’m through pictures, and it’s not rare to visit a Cisco logo design in my pictures throughout my social media marketing either. A lot of my co-workers in Mexico talk about this same passion, as well. 

Understanding this, it didn’t arrive as a surprise when our location has been chosen to be a small contest of the annual #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork Photo Contest our Skill Brand team puts in at the start of every year. What did surprise me was being offered the role as a Local Ambassador to greatly help Mexico really shine through the entire contest!

Yhearing after year, it will always be a delight to check out my colleague’s submissions from round the world. 100s of photos, not merely good in idea, but technique also! And through the #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork Contest for 2020 – I’m proud to state, Mexico brightly shined. 

Take a glance at this year’s global winners – we’re are proud that lots of are from our Mexico area! 

We am so proud of our Cisconians inside Mexico. We constantly bring our real selves to function and are motivated and ready to push creativity and commitment to the limit. I’m sure that Cisco Mexico not merely excels due to the technical abilities and consulting knowledge, but additionally because of the interest of its people.  

And for me personally, I take all of the encounters and soft-abilities that the business and coordination of the big-scale events provide. The period invested is worth it. Although the days of the past at the laboratory in university are method gone, I still have the chills when I observe how powerful we Cisconians are whenever we work jointly – both in Mexico here, and around the world. 


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