Cisco Facilitates Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual on Nutanix AHV


Your system infrastructure stack is similar to a peanut jelly and butter sandwich. Some social individuals prefer just peanut butter, some just jelly, but a lot of people prefer a small amount of both. In today’s multi-cloud and application conditions, many would say they choose a hybrid cloud infrastructure, an ideal balance of sources in private and general public cloud, giving your company the freedom to select where and the method that you deploy your resources plus applications.

In case you are given the freedom to select your cloud atmosphere, it’s only right which you have the energy to protect it. These days, Cisco is providing you that strength by expanding the assistance of Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual (formerly FTDv/NGFWv) to Nutanix AHV.

If you are working Nutanix AHV in your atmosphere, Secure Firewall Threat Defense Virtual reduces the quantity of time had a need to manage protection, bringing probably the most comprehensive system approach to your safety stack. Cisco delivers world-class security controls, consistent presence and policy along with rapid detection and security against known and emerging threats. Our firewall threat cleverness is updated everyday with feeds in one of the world’s largest & most sophisticated threat intelligence groups, Cisco Talos.

If you are benefiting from Secure Firewall Thread Defense Virtual already, it is possible to run your appliance in Nutanix AHV now. This allows one to augment security plan using Nutanix Flow plan along with Secure Firewall Threat Protection Virtual’s network layer protection capabilities. This integration allows your organization to safeguard and secure applications of one’s data center, private and public clouds. Additionally, it is possible to enforce plans for safeguarding against East-West traffic intrusions.

If you are not used to Cisco, and are taking a stand a Nutanix AHV atmosphere currently, you will want to secure it with comprehensive security system? Your Secure Firewall permit entitles one to Cisco SecureX, our open up security system that accelerates safety investigations.

Support now is available, running on edition FTD 7.0.

Share your cloud technique preference in remarks below (or the way you choose your PB&J sandwich).

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View the demo:
Deploying Cisco Protected Firewall Threat Protection Virtual on Nutanix AHV




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