Cisco DNA-Your Fastest Path to Wi-Fi 6

Co-Writer: Byron Magrane

Improvement marches on. New specifications drive technologies and for cellular it’s 802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6. The application form, reliability and performance needs of today’s tech customers and the plethora of W-Fi enabled gadgets are simply too compelling. But how can you migrate your wireless system to the new regular without impacting your present network?

A fresh Wi-Fi 6 deployment takes a various infrastructure. You’ll need new access factors, like the Catalyst 9130, to aid the main element technologies of the typical, including OFDMA and MU-MIMO. OFDMA is fantastic for low-bandwidth raises and applications efficiency whilst reducing latency. For high-bandwidth programs, MU-MIMO increases capacity leading to higher speeds per consumer. Look at MU-MIMO as several trucks simultaneously serving customers, while OFDMA will be one vehicle serving each user.

And to make use of the capacities also to a four-fold rate increase provided by the standard up, you’ll should also deploy switches that assistance mGig speeds. While that could seem like much raise, it doesn’t need to be. Not really with Cisco DNA.

How can you migrate your wifi network to the brand new
regular without impacting your present network?

Streamline the Process

Cisco DNA Center is made to streamline the duty of onboarding brand-new Wi-Fi 6 prepared network devices. Why is it various? In a phrase—automation. At the chance of oversimplifying the deployment procedure, you select the method that you intend your network to function first. Through Cisco DNA Middle and its own machine learning, it is simple to style and deploy configurations and plans that push that intent during your network. You longer have to rely on highly guide and error-prone procedure no, reducing the workload for the team significantly.

Cisco DNA Center Wireless Dashboard

In addition, you can find two options within the Cisco DNA orbit of capabilities specifically made for Wi-Fi 6 deployments—a Wi-Fi 6 readiness assessment and a good embedded wireless controller. Allow’s have a look at each.

Are usually You Ready?

Within the assurance capabilities of Cisco DNA middle, this readiness assessment lets a check is run by you on your own network to observe how Wi-Fi 6 ready it really is. Do you possess the necessary bandwidth to aid the throughput? Are you experiencing the right access factors? Will your configurations assistance the new regular? With the resulting review at hand, you’ll know specifically what you ought to do to really get your network set for Wi-Fi 6.

Easy POC

As the Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst access points weren’t made to simplicity the deployment of Wi-Fi 6 specifically, in practice, they offer an easy method to check a Wi-Fi 6 system. First, Embedded Cellular Controller Catalyst access factors are Wi-Fi 6 able. And, second, they’re cost-effective, very easily managed and deployed almost all as the management function is made directly into the access point hardware. Your system deployment starts with answering several simple questions utilizing the internet UI or mobile program and your wireless system is ready to go.

This combination makes it simple and efficient to create a proof concept network in a single section of your campus. Install the Embedded Wireless Controller accessibility points just, assign one AP the function of master, and switch the segment on. You’ll have an operating and cost-effective Wi-Fi 6 network set up fully. You can attempt its impact and know what you need from the capacity standpoint—for IoT especially.

The POC will help you refine your preferences and objectives for the final Wi-Fi 6 network. It is possible to install the identified access points and switches during your branch and campus conditions. After that, through Cisco DNA Middle, it is possible to push those last configurations during your entire network.

Wi-Fi 6 is approaching. And Cisco DNA will help you get ready faster.

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