Cisco and Apple: the collaboration steeped in specialized innovation

Since 2015, Cisco and Apple company have collaborated on innovations that optimize customers’ connectivity to the electronic world. The two businesses have a shared objective of maximizing an individual connectivity experience along with IT’s capability to support them. To create this take place we co-develop options that deliver application-particular optimizations between products and wireless networks. These solutions combine gadget and network analytics to greatly help network managers solve problems faster, ensure reliable and protected connections, and configure business-specific plan for increased productivity.

Producing Wi-Fi 6 Smarter, Welcome alive in the Fastlane+!


I’m extremely delighted about our newest collaboration with Apple known as Fastlane+ . Fastlane+ builds on our present Fastlane QoS capability with the addition of advanced scheduling cleverness to optimize the application form experience. This enables Fastlane+ to raised understand application specifications and dynamically schedule system resources to meet up them.

With Fastlane+ we’re applying the technology in the Wi-Fi 6 standard for deterministic scheduling ( OFDMA and TWT ). In extremely congested conditions (60% Channel Utilization or even more) Fastlane+ allows iPhone and iPad gadgets to send a sophisticated Scheduling Request (ASR) result in to Cisco Catalyst Accessibility Factors. This notifies the system that a user is usually initiating a Webex, FaceTime, or additional mission-critical, latency-sensitive application.

The Fastlane+ ASR trigger includes information like the periodicity of the traffic and its own bit rate. Because tone of voice and video visitors have predictable bit prices, traffic styles, bandwidth, and requirements latency; Fastlane+ allows the system to estimate the client’s requirement and preemptively plan airtime on the accessibility point. This gives mutual optimization for both device and system and enables the system to intelligently make choices on what it produces the very best experience for the finish user.

An improved user experience for company critical, latency sensitive apps


With Fastlane+ the target is to make certain the network can offer the best overall encounter for iPhone and iPad users in congested conditions. It had been developed with the target to reduce delay while optimizing throughput features deterministically. Furthermore, we made Fastlane+ simple; device users don’t transform it on, they’re not be familiar with it even, the miracle happens behind the moments making use of AI in both device and the system. In real-world test conditions, the AI proved itself; Fastlane+ showed a spectacular increase in MOS ratings and throughput while considerably reducing latency and jitter.

The benefits listed are ideal assuming a 70 - 85% channel utilization network

*The advantages listed are perfect assuming a 70 – 85% channel utilization system


As mentioned previously, Fastlane+ delivers a standard better quality of encounter with an increase of reliability for real-time visitors applications in congested environments. As Cisco and Apple company together continue steadily to work, we achieve this with shared group of values that assist deliver smart networking and exceptional consumer experiences.

For greater detail into how Fastlane+ functions, browse the Fastlane+ whitepaper

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Lastly, take a look at the Cisco and Apple wireless partnership page to learn more our other innovations.

*Fastlane+ is currently on the Cisco Catalyst 9130 Access Stage.

*Fastlane+ comes in IOS XE 17.4.1 as a CLI order only. Upcoming versions shall add a GUI option.


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