Channel’s Veeam Ladies: Lifting Each Other Up

I’ve always thought that you should be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will push you and improve you. Given that I am surrounded by 15 coworkers who were named to the CRN 2023 Women of the Channel ( WOTC ) list today, that is undoubtedly what I have discovered in my brief time at Veeam. All of these ladies put in a tremendous amount of effort to drive our channel’s first journey here at Veeam. Working with women who share the same enthusiasm and elevate one another within our business is an honor, and as a result, we help each other out. Even though we’ve come a long way in increasing the proportion of women in technology, it’s still insufficient. There are 16 Veeam ladies on the WOTC number. Take it upon themselves to encourage, serve as role models for, and mentor other wives because doing so will improve our outlook and make us ALL better. As a nation, we’ve removed some of the obstacles for women by giving them more access to the resources they require from an early age. The STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ) programs, Girls Who Code, as well as other educational programs that give students the chance to experience” technology” are now available in schools. There are still occasions when girls are by themselves in course, doubting their abilities or receiving no encouragement from others to keep pushing themselves. We need more men and women to stand up for one another and declare,” I support you and want you to triumph.” The memory rates of STEM women demonstrate that the absence of adult mentors and role models continues to have a negative impact on them. However, mentoring, encouraging, and providing guidance to female like my coworkers on the WOTC list is my job’s best responsibility. Have comfortable feeling uncomfortable is the best piece of advice I’ve ever received for growing and adjusting to improve. My WOTC listing colleagues have been asked to share the best advice they have ever heard. Among my favorites are the following:” At the beginning of my career, I had a mentor who encouraged me to ask questions, look for new content, and never be afraid to try different things.” This piece of advice has been helpful to me. Being passionate about learning and insatiable curiosity has helped me stay ahead of the curve as a person in the IT( Information Technology ) economy, think creatively, develop diverse skills, and develop relationships. Don’t let yourself down by trying to be ideal, advises Sonya Mazzaferro, senior director of network business at Veeam. Life is all about learning, says Laura Chadwick, Cloud Aggregation Manager at Veeam. Never start learning, and consistently put yourself and your career to the test. No surprises, even, says Julie Kriz, boss of North America Channel Marketing at Veeam. Make sure to share and have your boss, team, and coworkers informed because doing so will foster a positive work environment, increase confidence in one another. Learning from mistakes is more critical than not making them in all, according to Natalia Sedova, senior director of global network marketing at Veeam. Sr. Lindsey Legacki It’s acceptable to feel emotional or” have feelings ,” and that doesn’t make you appear weak as a woman at work, says Manager, North America Partner Marketing at Veeam. Nothing at work, in my opinion, is more valuable than a ruler or coworker who has mastered personal knowledge. ” Leverage your network, peers, and leaders to make meaningful connections that can help with your career journey ,” advises Adee MacAnich, Sr. Director of North America Channel Marketing at Veeam. Make strong and have faith in yourself, advises Kelly Rice, Dr. of Distribution and Corporate Resellers at Veeam. Make tenacious, prioritize the capacity to hear, and interact with empathy. Give what you can, says Elena Bonvicino, network manager for Italy at Veeam. Do it, though, 100 %! You have to be there and valuable at all times. Find a mentor( or two ), says Lisa Ignosci, Sr. Director of Veeam’s Public Sector Business Operations. Additionally, find someone who will also act as your activist and partner. Having a mentor’s information is good, but it is even more beneficial if that coach can also suggest you to others. ” You have a unique and valuable perspective that you should feel empowered to utilize ,” says Dr. Stephanie Barton of Global VCSP( Veeam Cloud & amp, Service Providers ) and Alliance Marketing at Veezam. If you don’t follow at second, get over it and try again. If you set your mind to it, you may one day become the organization’s president who everyone looks up to. Believe in what you’re capable of, pause, evaluate your goals, and make your accomplishments visible, advises Sara Wilson, senior director of LATAM ( Latin America ) channel sales at Veeam. We never know who we might be having an impact on with our stories or who may receive the pat on the back necessary for her to start. – Tania Baquero, Mind of Veeam Channel Sales in NOLA( North of Latin America )
Some of the best times in my journey resulted from change, so it’s important to embrace change rather than push away from it. Technology, the competition, and current styles may all change, so change is inevitable in this field. Always been inquisitive and consider the future. I look forward to mine as a CRN WOTC 2023 Power 100 honor, particularly working with all the female Veeam’ers to support one another.