BrandPost: How Eaton Company elevates user encounter with effective device management


Eaton Corporation is really a $21 billion company with operations in 175 nations, supported by about 95,000 workers. It delivers power administration answers to customers managing a few of the world’s most significant infrastructure across health care, aviation, manufacturing, and much more. Consistency, efficiency, and accuracy are fundamental drivers over the continuing business.

It is focused on a frequent approach globally, both with regards to user and management encounter. “We set specifications and create global systems centrally,” clarifies Wendy Hunter, IT Supervisor, Eaton Corporation. “We wish consistency atlanta divorce attorneys national country we conduct business.”

Within the company’s planned refresh intend to upgrade device hardware, Hunter worked to determine a standardized method of device management, which include simple and accurate inventory tracking for lifecycle management.

Eaton deploys a lot more than 70,000 products to its global employees and aims to possess employees focusing on devices only three years old. This is a complex procedure. “We intend to refresh computer gadgets regularly in order to make best use of technology and performance enhancements,” Hunter says.


Hardware, lifecycle and support management, worldwide

The HP solution selected by Eaton Company establishes a tool management posture that’s proactive and efficient with integrated security features. It comprises a thorough hardware, assistance, and lifecycle management technique.

After completing rigorous vendor comparisons, the deployment is roofed by the hardware solution greater than 70,000 HP devices predicated on user needs. Notebooks for cellular users comprise roughly 60% of the fleet, hP EliteBook 840 and HP ZBook 15 models particularly. Office users include HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop computer Mini products, HP EliteDisplay E232 23-” diagonal monitors, and HP Z4 Workstations.

To deliver operational effectiveness, Eaton engages HP Lifecycle Solutions to complete HP Computer BIOS Asset Tagging and HP Regular Asset Tagging solutions at the factory. These ongoing providers make monitoring and securing private systems simpler, simpler to deploy quickly, and much more affordable.

Business travelers are given with HP Accidental Harm Protection, which includes remote control problem support and diagnosis. Eaton includes HP Equipment Support Care Packs 3-3-3 also, which contain three-year limited solutions and warranties, including 3 years of parts, 3 years of work, and 3 years of onsite fixes. Lastly, the Eaton IT Group is supported having an HP Account Functions Manager to greatly help manage the quantity of ongoing regional functions. “We’re a worldwide business with global customers,” says Nathan Lare, Business lead IT Analyst, Eaton Company. “The HP solution guarantees consistent PC gadgets and support atlanta divorce attorneys national nation we operate.”


Elevating an individual experience and driving continuous efficiency

With consistent computer assistance and technology globally, Eaton elevates an individual experience and drives performance gains over the continuing business. All users take advantage of the latest technology and much less downtime, employees tend to be more productive, and client satisfaction is very optimistic. Having HP complete asset and BIOS tagging features at the factory is highly efficient. Eaton can streamline gadget refreshes. Through the urgent global changeover to home based even, Eaton adapted with work-at-house PCs provided for traditional desktop computer users promptly.

“We realize users are pleased to benefit from new gadget performance and new software program efficiencies. This can help them to accomplish their jobs and become more successful,” says Lare. “These days, any notebook or desktop computer device, in the world anywhere, has the same degree of treatment with HP Providers. That gives you reassurance.”

Lare singles away the influence of the HP Accounts Operations Supervisor (AOM). Historically, he states, corporate IT faced problems with the quantity of activity and queries items to arrive. An HP AOM manages all of Eaton’s three operational areas now. “It’s an extra service element, and it tremendously helps. Action items are handled a lot more in a distributed method by region efficiently, and need to arrived at our attention rarely. This kind of facilitation helps decrease the strain on business IT.”

Wendy Hunter says the engagement with HP is really a system for continued operational efficiency: “If you have 70,000 computers running within your environment, there’s the main topics possible expense reduction usually, so it really helps to have an obvious view of one’s ecosystem.

“With HP we’re consistent inside our approach, our item, our delivery, and our assistance. We’re better in decision-making operationally.”

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