BrandPost: DESPITE HAVING Windows Autopilot, Enterprises Encounter Device Configuration Challenges


As enterprises proceed to contemporary IT administration , where users get yourself a a lot more streamlined, “mobile-like” experience making use of their computing devices, most are running into difficulties with the proper time it takes to totally configure new devices.

With Windows Autopilot, clients exit the image upkeep and creation business. Instead, they purchase products with a corporate-ready picture, such as for example Office and Windows, and deliver the gadgets with their employees. When a worker turns on the brand new Computer, it configures itself from the cloud-based user profile, registers in Azure Energetic Directory, and enrolls right into a contemporary, unified endpoint management system such as for example Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

The vision is that whenever a user gets a fresh PC, it’s comparable to a new phone: Strength it up, and all of your familiar applications are waiting and ready for you personally, as they were on your own old phone just.

      Hurry up and wait around          

However, Windows apps are bigger than their counterparts within the mobile-phone world, therefore the actual knowledge is similar to: Switch on the PC, enter a contact password and address, then wait as the gadget updates settings and applications from the cloud-based profile.

Just how long a user must wait depends on the way the web connection is fast. In industrialized countries, many locations have quick connections reasonably; kids and spouses streaming movie for work, school, and entertainment may be a gating factor, year while we’ve learned in the last.

However, in rural locations plus some less-developed countries, it might take a long time for a PC to totally download all of the applications and configurations over a slow web connection. Like delays are irritating to employees, and could lead to numerous phone calls to the help table, not forgetting missed meetings and dropped productivity.

      Imaging to IT and user specs          

In a big enterprise, device provisioning could be further complicated by the necessity to abide by IT configuration and plan standards.

It begins with the Windows operating-system version, which Microsoft will update every half a year. But many clients don’t quickly desire to move that, from a couple of years earlier and could standardize on a discharge.

Each user includes a specific group of applications based on job function, alongside various scripts and motorists that require to run. You can find VPN agents to take into account, alongside protection applications and settings.

Typically, enterprise IT groups would create these images within their configuration rooms, a expensive and high-touch try to maintain. The proceed to the cloud and the usage of Windows Autopilot adjustments that equation, but it’s not the finish of the story. In order to deliver a seamless expertise for customers in work-from-home settings really, where in fact the new PC experience is similar to obtaining a new phone really, you need to consider additional steps.

      The Hewlett-Packard white-glove method          

With HP Device Provisioning Services , HP shall partner with one to take those steps. In its staging facilities, HP unboxes each gadget, registers it through Autopilot, and ensures all suitable applications are usually provisioned – whether it requires 30 minutes or a long time. The configuration is total once, each device down is powered, resealed, and delivered to its destination.

When the intended consumer receives a fresh PC, they strength it up simply, enter their credentials, and it’s prepared to use – just like a new phone just. The consumer gets all of the benefits of a fresh device, without missed meetings or dropped productivity.

For more information about various possibilities, browse the HP Gadget Provisioning Services information sheet .

To see more around HP’s Lifecycle Services porfolio, have a peek at the Lifecycle Services main web page .

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