Best 5 Insider Threat Prevention and Detection Software program of 2021

Coping with insider threats takes a different strategy through other security challenges because of the very character. Insiders have a substantial advantage. They are alert to the organization’s policies, processes, technology and vulnerabilities. They have usage of important systems often, business IP and delicate data. As such, they are able to result in a continuing business probably the most damage compared to exterior attackers such as for example hackers.

Companies have got adopted various answers to manage insider threats. Some are employing log analytics and SIEM (Security Information and Occasion Management) type software program to consider abnormalities within their IT program and network. For instance, privilege escalation, sensitive document transfers, usage of new network zones – each is early signs of possible insider activity. Others have already been adapting more purpose-constructed and nimble solutions such as for example user activity monitoring, user behaviour analytics and data reduction prevention (DLP) systems to identify and stop insider threats.

We looked at twelve roughly solutions and identified the very best five with a variety of technology and use situations such as for example user activity supervising, advanced analytics, auditing techniques and log aggregators. Inside our assessment, this can make the list ideal for any continuing company, either an SMB or perhaps a large enterprise.

The review below is compiled by us making use of publicly available info on respective vendor websites, demo, trials, documentation, and online reviews. If any item has transformed or any inaccuracies are usually noticed by you, please why don’t we know and we’ll correct them.

Within just a few yrs of its foundation, Teramind has made a genuine name for itself in the market with its special user activity monitoring, insider threat detection, compliance and forensics solutions. Teramind’s insider risk detection option uses real-time user action monitoring to detect earlier indications of insider threats. Its behavior-based rules motor provides active protection from all sorts of malicious insider exercise like information leak and exfiltration, IP theft, fraud, commercial espionage, sabotage along with other risks.

Teramind UAM enables you to conduct threat analysis, forensic investigation and auditing utilizing its exclusive Session Mining with audio and video recording with total metadata. Alerts, keylogging, incident tagging along with other powerful features not merely identify principle violation incidents but assist your team create a proper threat reaction plan. Finally, it could be expanded with built-in integrations with Energetic Directory, SSO, SIEM, PM and log analytics techniques or utilizing its wealthy group of RESTful APIs.


  • Display screen and audio catch with live background and view playback.
  • OCR, fingerprinting, tagging capabilities.
  • Smart plan & rules motor with a huge selection of pre-built templates.
  • Effective business intelligence (BI) dashboard.
as powerful simply because its Teramind DLP solution

  • Not.
  • No monitoring assistance for cellular devices.
  • Mac support is bound somewhat.
  • Project management features not so powerful.

Owned by US protection contractor Raytheon, Forcepoint includes a lengthy history of establishing cybersecurity, firewall plus cross-domain IT security items. The main premise of the answer is to help protection analysts gather forensic information and create a case to recognize risky users. It really is part of a lot of money of security options under Forcepoint CASB system designed designed for enterprises making use of cloud applications such as for example Office 365, Salesforce, Search engines Apps etc.

To find the most away of Forcepoint Insider Threat, clients shall have to purchase a number of SKUs and manage add-on modules on Forcepoint’s marketplace. For instance, Forcepoint DLP Discovery is necessary for car classification and discovery of sensitive data. Similarly, Forcepoint DLP Network provides control and presence for data in movement via the net and email.


    • Basic, case-centric insider danger investigation.
    • Granular control more than data collection to safeguard users’ privacy.

integrated with additional Forcepoint security options

  • Tightly.
  • Distributed architecture ideal for large deployments.

    • Administration dashboard looks dated rather than very user-friendly.

very capable alone without other Forcepoint items

  • Not.
  • No productivity evaluation features.
  • Limited deployment choices, e.g. simply no private-cloud support.

A known name inside the security market, Exabeam claims to really have the world’s most-deployed UEBA (User & Entity Behavior Analytics) security alternative. Its Advanced Analytics item works by collecting information from various resources such as for example Active Directory, SIEM, DLP and log analytics solutions and aggregate them to recognize insider safety and threats risks.

The program can identify compromised users, suspicious employees or malicious insiders by correlating disparate activities through its Stateful User Tracking system that assigns risk scores to each activity. For instance, privilege escalation, abnormal work searches, remote control login etc. The events are tracked across networks and assets combined right into a session timeline then. A security analyst may then investigate the timeline for possible insiders and drill-down to help expand analyze their activities.


  • Intuitive, user friendly dashboard.
  • Assistance for MITRE ATT&CK Framework.
  • Unique program model which automates analyst investigation and lateral threat actions.
  • Tight integration with various other Exabeam products such as for example its SOAR and SIEM options.

  • Missing common features such as for example screen recording, action blocking etc.
  • Very specialized software that’s dependent on other answers to deliver its worth.
  • Deployment could be complex. No hosted cloud deployment (accessible as VM just).
  • Fairly expensive.

Netwrix Auditor is primarily designed like a tool to greatly help IT managers keep an eye on the proceedings across their network atmosphere. By detecting aberrant actions, network some other and sniffing nefarious assaults such as ransomware, both insider could be identified because of it and outsider threats to a business.

It works together with Active Directory, document servers, database servers, System and sharepoint infrastructure techniques. Much like Exabeam’s solution, Netwrix Auditor collects Syslog and event information to audit user exercise such as for example service calls, user logons, remote periods, credential changes etc. It could then increase alerts comparing scenarios with the predefined patterns or checklist given by the user.


  • Extensive auditing capabilities with assistance for main IT SIEM and analytics options.
  • May detect ransomware penetration.
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reviews for GDPR, NERC, GLBA etc.
  • Non-intrusive architecture.
an audit device repurposed for insider threat recognition

  • Primarily.
  • Sensitive data safety and discovery requires extra software.
  • Want expert resource to work with its advanced queries function.
  • Can cause network performance problems as amount of users grow.

Established in 2006 within Israel, ObserveIT originally centered on providing remote vendor supervising software but moved in order to insider threat detection later on, employee data and supervising loss prevention market. Among ObserveIT’s unique features may be the ‘Investigate’ module, making use of which an administrator can explore the chain of occasions for an alert the effect of a user.

Another fascinating feature of ObserveIT Insider Threat Management is its assistance for Unix/Linux based workstations. This may be ideal for customers who have to monitor server techniques like telecom providers, banking institutions, governments etc. As the software is probably the most capable consumer activity monitoring solutions on the market, a lot of its powerful functions such as action blocking, locking out consumer etc. are just available under Linux.


  • Supports an array of platforms including Home windows, Mac, Unix and linux.
  • Investigate feature to recognize chain of incident related events.
  • Risk analysis functions.
  • 100s of pre-configured indicators and alerts.

    • No advanced features such as information classification or OCR.
    • Some of the rule-violation activities are limited by Linux/Unix only.
    • No private-cloud assistance.

limited efficiency reporting capability

  • Very.

There are several solutions we liked but cannot include in our list because of space limitation. Many of them worthy of mentioning are: Veriato Cerebral, Varonis, Egnyte and Erkan. You can examine them out when you have the right time.

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