Basic plan to deploy VIC (vSphere Built-in Containers)


This post covers a quick summary of VIC and simple deployment strategy .   For more fine detail about VIC please refer beneath link:
VIC is a feature within vSphere that enables VMware administrator to make “ container hosts” that are incorporated with vSphere. VIC uses current vSphere constructs thus allowing you to develop your existing vSphere investment.
Requirements that you must verify before going forward with the deployment:
  • Make sure your vCenter Server appliances and ESXi serves have their DNS and NTP set up! You do not want any skewed lighting between vCenter and the VIC equipment.
  • vCenter Server 6. 0 or six. 5, managing a cluster of ESXi 6. 0 or 6. five hosts, with VMware vSphere Dispersed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS) enabled.
  • vSphere Built-in Containers Engine requires a vSphere Business Plus license.
  • All of the ESXi hosts within a cluster require an appropriate license. Application fails if your environment includes a number of ESXi hosts that have inadequate permit.
  • Get access to shared storage to allow VCHs to make use of more than one host in the cluster.
  • Deploy machine to a vCenter Server that satisfies the following (minimum) system requirements.
  • ESXi six. 0 or 6. 5 hosting companies
  • two vCPU / 8 GB associated with memory
  • 80 GB of free space within the target datastore
  • DHCP server
  • Firewall ·       Allow outbound TCP traffic to port 2377 on the endpoint VM, for use by the interactive pot shell.   Allow inbound HTTPS/TCP visitors on port 443, for posting to and downloading from datastores.
Deployment program:
  • Deploy VIC appliance VM
  • Incorporate VIC with vCenter server
  • Deploy VCH vAPP (You would need a link network and a public network. Think about bridge network as a separate remote network with separate VLAN through where the container will take IP details. And if you just want to use the  nearby registry for images you may offer public network as management network)
  • Make use of the Harbor registry to push/pull the particular images
  • Deploy Containers VM’ s within the VCH
Some helpful link here for downloading and Setting up vSphere Integrated Containers:
Note : Deploying VIC 1 . second . 1 to a standalone ESXi web host is no longer supported, you must have vCenter Machine installed.
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