AWS achieves HDS qualification in two additional Regions

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We’re thrilled to announce that two extra AWS Regions-Asia Pacific (Jakarta) and Europe (Milan)-possess been granted medical Information Hosting (Hébergeur de Donnésera de Santé, HDS) certification. This alignment with HDS specifications demonstrates our continued dedication to stick to the heightened anticipations for cloud providers. AWS clients who handle personal wellness data may use HDS-certified Regions confidently to control their workloads.

 <pre>          <code>        &lt;p&gt;The next 18 Regions come in scope because of this certification:&lt;/p&gt; 

<li>Us all East (Ohio)</li>
<li>People East (Northern Virginia)</li>
<li>Us all West (Northern California)</li>
<li>People West (Oregon)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Jakarta)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Seoul)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Mumbai)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Singapore)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Sydney)</li>
<li>Asia Pacific (Tokyo)</li>
<li>Canada (Main)</li>
<li>European countries (Frankfurt)</li>
<li>European countries (Ireland)</li>
<li>European countries (London)</li>
<li>European countries (Milan)</li>
<li>European countries (Paris) </li>
<li>European countries (Stockholm)</li>
<li>SOUTH USA (São Paulo)</li>
<p>Introduced simply by the French governmental company for wellness, Agence Française de una Santé Numérique (ASIP Santé), the HDS certification aims to fortify the protection and security of personal health data. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates that AWS offers a framework for specialized and governance actions to protected and protect personal wellness information, governed by French regulation.</p>
<p>On January 13 independent third-celebration auditors evaluated and qualified AWS, 2023. The Certificate of Compliance that demonstrates AWS compliance position can be acquired on the <a href=”https://esante.gouv.fr/offres-services/hds/liste-des-herbergeurs-certifies” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Agence du Numérique sobre Santé (ANS</the>) site and AWS Artifact. AWS Artifact is really a self-services portal for on-demand usage of AWS compliance reports. Register to <a href=”https://gaming console.aws.amazon.com/artifact” focus on=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>AWS Artifact inside the AWS Management Gaming console</the>, or find out more at <a href=”https://aws.amazon.com/artifact/getting-started/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Getting started off with AWS Artifact</the>.</p>
<p>For up-to-time information, including when additional Regions are added, start to see the <a href=”https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/programs/” focus on=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>AWS Compliance Applications</a> web page, and select <strong>HDS.</strong></p>
<p>AWS strives to continuously provide services in to the scope of its compliance applications to help you match your architectural and regulatory requirements. If you have queries or opinions about HDS compliance, get in touch with your AWS account group.</p>
<p>For more information about our safety and compliance programs, notice <a href=”https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/programs/” focus on=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>AWS Compliance Applications</the>. As always, we worth your questions and responses; get to to the AWS Compliance group through the &lt away;a href=”https://web pages.awscloud.com/compliance-contact-people.html” focus on=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>E MAIL US page</the>.</p>
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