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Almost this past year now, Cisco made a decision to guarantee the safety of most employees and shut our workplaces globally. It had been clearly the right thing to do in the wake of therefore several unknowns. As a niche site Engagement Manager for the Galway, Ireland offices – I had to sit and figure how this affected us from a culture perspective down.

With 75% site attendance in Galway we will have an extremely populated office which helps grow an extremely special site culture and atmosphere – something we have a lot of pride in. We have been, in the end, Ireland’s #1 Great Spot to Work!

But, how can you develop a atmosphere and tradition in a virtual planet? Where would our regular “Craic” (Ireland’s method of saying ‘a great time’) with one another happen? Could we generate an agreeable, warm and trusting environment without see one another?

With all site activities paused, thinking through how exactly we connect took a bit more work virtually. Thankfully, having this type of trusting and supportive group, we managed to get through and before connected like never! It’s possible! And Cisco Galway will be proof of that.

Here is a flavor of a few of the different virtual events that people hosted via Cisco Webex showing you how, with several creativity and thought, it is possible to create virtual fun for the teams.

Virtual All Fingers – These month-to-month meetings helped all of us to share precisely what was happening inside our new world also to assist with any questions, doubts, anxious thoughts, and becoming ‘together apart’ really. Our Site Head Keith Griffin hosted these activities and even included audio speakers (both from within Cisco and out) for all of us for connecting with and study from. This proved beneficial and made the meeting fun and various hugely.

Wine O’Clock – Meeting following the workday finished to just have one glass of wines and chit chat together with your peers. We held these groupings to smaller numbers in order that everyone may have a phrase and share a subject of interest.

Juke Box – Require a little live songs in your life? We’ve you protected to unwind from the busy week with songs from Pádraig Digan once we get together to request tracks and chat over Webex Groups. This event was therefore successful, associates from around the world joined!

Wellness & Wellness Sessions – From meditation and pilates to bootcamp lessons and a program on protecting your disease fighting capability, we were for every other to maintain our health and wellness and wellbeing there.

Photography Class – New hobbies had been the best way to refocus during this type of difficult period. With this 1-hour course on pictures facilitated by a worker in our Dublin workplace we could actually look for a great creative outlet.

Cookery Lessons/Cisco Master Chef – Every fourteen days employees received three items to create a dish with, then they posted pictures inside our Webex Teams Room and there is a champion with the previous days winners picking the entire winner. We furthermore hosted cookery lesson on Webex hosted by a worker from our Dublin workplace. Weekly Table Quiz – Utilizing the Kahoot app over Webex, each Thursday night time to improve money for charities we’d gather.

Fun Funds – We hosted a niche site wide fun fund Summer season BBQ, including the Webex DJ!

As you can plainly see there are many methods to be creative while we’re functioning remotely. What methods are you staying linked to your teams?

Prepared to join us? Now apply.

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