Announcing the info Protection Trends Report regarding 2021


Week last, Veeam published
what we believe to function as largest independent research report on data
protection ever. That’s a large claim, but in the event that you look for the most part analysts’ reports,
they survey 200 to 400 unbiased respondents typically; 300 is really a sweet spot for
regular research. Big reports may survey 600-800, even 1 maybe,000
respondents. Veeam contracted a third-party research firm to accomplish a blind survey of
3,000 IT Decision Makers, in organizations over 1 mostly,000 employees across
28 countries round the global world, all of whom identified or influenced the info
protection strategies of these organizations.

Do you want 3 statistically,000 respondents
to comprehend a trend? NO, you don’t, but …

  • You do need 3,000 respondents

if you need to cut by region and country, to be able to understand the different
drivers and challenges in THE UNITED STATES versus Australia versus Germany (and
everywhere among). You can find 28 different regional cuts on offer by
Veeam teams and our partners, to be able to know very well what is driving data
protection in your area of the global world.

  • You do need 3,000 respondents
    in order to cut by vertical industry, to enable you to know very well what
    Healthcare organizations are striving towards versus Financial establishments
    versus Public Sector institutions. Many organizations and industries responded
    to COVID and differently leveraged the cloud, and that affects their data
    protection strategies. Just to illustrate, this survey had 259 Healthcare
    institutions, that is enough to do a complete separate (and statistically
    definitive) “Data Protection Trends in Healthcare in 2021” report. BOOM!!


There are several ways to slice the data, all
of which are designed to make sure that Veeam continues to comprehend where customers
desire to go and how they would like to go there quickly; so that we are able to back help them
themselves up across the real way so when they get there. You can find four categories arguably
in the info protection vendor landscape:

  • Legacy data center-centric vendors
  • Shiny unicorns in applianceformfactors
  • Small startups that aren’t
    really on anyone’s radar
  • Veeam

To comprehend the scale of the extensive research, this
survey had more respondents than some of these startups and unicorns have altogether
paying customers, period. #MicDrop

At Veeam, our goal would be to continue to
disrupt the IT marketplace and business lead innovation in data security, in the same way we have
since introducing VM backups in to the all-physical world of yesteryear’s data centers.
With five cloud-centric solutions (Office 365, Azure-hosted, AWS-hosted,
GCP-hosted, and Kubernetes) already in market and much more to come, the real way that
Veeam stays before where the market is certainly going is by understanding the
market; and that takes strategic research at scale. It’s among the good reasons
that 3 years ago, Veeam hired two industry analysts, each with 30 years of
data protection market experience, in to the Veeam Office of the CTO. It has
been my total privilege in order to collaborate with my analysis partner and daily
former “ Father of the particular Gartner MQ on Backup Dave Russell (@BackupDave ) with this project and
several others.

Do you want 3,000 research respondents to
develop a marketing graph for the webinar or datasheet? No. But that isn’t why
Veeam does research. Veeam talks about where you are moving in IT to make sure that we
can offer you reliable recoverability and protection of one’s data, wherever
it really is needed by you.

By the ultimate end of Q1 of 2021, Veeam will have
garnered more than 5,500 respondents from the selection of personas that affect data
protection technique for next-gen and current-gen IT platforms. By the finish of
2021, we’ll possess shared the insights of 10 nearly,000 independent, unbiased IT
Professionals also it Decision Makers linked to what’s driving their data
protection methodologies. Because your IT strategies are what’s driving
Veeam’s strategy once we continue steadily to lead our industry – not merely in innovative
technologies, however in thought leadership for how data protection and data also
management must evolve to meet up your goals.

In the event that you haven’t already, please have a look at
the Veeam
Data Protection Trends Report for 2021

Also, don’t forget to look at our Industry Insights live streams on LinkedIn with a #dataprotectionreport hashtag.

As always, ping me at @JBuff
we’re to help here.

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