announcing the 2023 Veeam Technology Award Victors

Veeam is excited to announce eight Veyam Innovation Award( VIA ) winners for 2023 as we continue to prepare for VeEamON, the Community Event for Data Recovery Experts. As is customary at <a href=”https://www.veeam.com/veeamon/” data-wpel-link=”internal” target=”_blank” rel=”follow noopener”>VeeamON, we’re asking everyone to cast a ballot for one of these VIA victors to be named the organization’s Best in Show. To find out more about what earned each VIA win their honor, click on the movie link below. Then, vote HERE to see who does win Best in Show. On Day 2 of VeeamON in Miami, the benefits may be made public.

Four Veeam Customers were awarded for the great results that they are achieving using Veeam-powered solutions:

    For both functional endurance and disaster recovery, Alpha Bank protects both its VMware datacenters and its Microsoft 365.

  • Asda provides self-service healing while protecting 660 remote websites with Azure as its healing environment.
  • The City of Birmingham lowers its operating costs while ensuring that its first responders have the information they require to assist and defend their community.
  • Tree Top used disaster restoration as a service starting at 11:11( another VIA winner ) to replace their outdated backup system and guarantee availability for all of their mission-critical applications.

Four Veeam Partners were awarded for their outstanding offerings that are delivering great capabilities to their customers:

    In response to cyberattacks, the 11:11 Systems Cyber Incident Recovery alternative offers remote backup, recovery automation, facilities, and expert services.

  • An anomaly identification and remediation company called Opti 9 Observr uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to find suspicious activity within customers’ Veeam infrastructure. The customer is alerted by the observer of harmful and unusual activity in their surroundings.
  • The users experience for MSPs using Veeam is greatly improved and simplified by Probax Scout for VeEam, which also unlocks new capabilities and automates the classic implementation and configuration of Veyam solutions.
  • For full end-to-end protection and backup data integrity with ransom protection, Virtual DCS CloudCover K8s was designed specifically for Kubernetes needs.

Honest congratulations to all eight VIA winners and a heartfelt thank you to the almost 100 businesses that submitted nominations this year. We are excited to honor you at VeeamON and to announce Day Two’s Best in Show benefits from the major stage. Make sure to Ballot, please. Check out all of the previous Veeam Innovation Award winners around.

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