Announcing SOC 2 Compliance for Cisco Protected Endpoint, Cisco Protected Malware Analytics, and Cisco SecureX

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With a rising amount of cyberattacks targeting organizations, safeguarding sensitive consumer information has been even more critical. The stakes are higher due to the economic losses, reputational damage, lawful & compliance fines, and much more that stem from mishandled data often. At Cisco Secure, we recognize this and so are researching to improve our information safety practices continuously.

As a outcome, we have been excited to announce that people have achieved SOC 2 compliance for the Cisco Secure Endpoint remedy, Cisco Malware Analytics, and the Cisco SecureX system! SOC 2 is really a compliance framework produced by the American Institute of Qualified Open public Accountants (AICPA) that helps to ensure organizations responsibly handle client data. That is done via solid information security procedures that stick to trust service requirements for security, accessibility, and confidentiality.

Attaining SOC 2 compliance implies that we have honored these trust concepts and gone through the rigorous audit simply by an independent, third-party company to validate our details security practices. This implies that we are focused on safeguarding your sensitive information with robust controls set up and provides you the reassurance that your information is in good fingers. We have attained SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for the next Cisco Secure products:

To learn more around SOC 2 compliance for these solutions, please get hold of your Cisco representative , or go to the Cisco Confidence Portal , where one can access the SOC 2 reports.

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